Friday, February 1, 2013

It's time for this week to end

Some weeks just don't turn out the way you expect. I posted on Monday about all the wonderful things 
that would be happening to the sunroom this week, so of course they didn't.

On Monday, Smooch spent her seventh birthday watching the snow fall and waiting for the crew to arrive 
so she could bark at them. It would have been such a wonderful gift.

Alas, paths and plaster and paint can't happen when the ground is frozen and the temperature is below 30.

Our hopes were raised on Wednesday when it got a little warmer, but that's when Hank told me it was time to go to the vet to figure out what in the heck was going on because he was having trouble walking that morning. Yikes! Luckily, I had to deal with a flat tire on the horse trailer so that helped take my mind off Hank and we made it to the big city without me having a nervous breakdown. Anyway, we still don't have a conclusive diagnosis. Could be dryland distemper (also known as pigeon fever); could be an allergic reaction to we know not what; could be any number of other non-serious things. I do know this: my team of vets is extraordinary and Hank is getting the very best care possible. They did an ultrasound on his swollen chest area - nothing but edema was found. More blood work showed that the antibiotics are working - all the levels are moving in the right direction. And they sent a blood sample off to UC/Davis for further study to help figure this out. I'm not crazy worried, and Hank is loving all the extra attention he's getting. Lucy is not.

By the time Thursday rolled around, I was ready for a break and I got several, in a roundabout way.

This stray dog showed up just as I was feeding supper. 
Lucky Break #1: Alan and George didn't hurt him before I contained him in a safe place, despite their best efforts.
Lucky Break #2: He didn't hurt the chickens, despite his best efforts.
Lucky Break #3: I starting calling every phone number in my two-page phone book and found his owners on page 1. 
They came and got him and we all lived happily ever after. 
Good thing, too, because I was starting to think up names for him.


  1. Not trying to worry you but I'm sure your vets have checked Hank's heart? Ventral oedema sometimes occurs alongside a degree of heart failure. At least he's getting checked out. Hope he's better soon.

  2. Your two page phone book just cracks me up!

    I was beginning to think you had acquired another cute dog to add to the menagerie!

    Sending good vibes to Hank and his care givers.

    Your life is certainly anything but dull Miss Carson!!

  3. You were thinking up names for him and I was thinking how easy or difficult it would be to arrange transport from NM to NY!

    I hope Hank gets better fast and the blood work reveals nothing sinister!

  4. Estella from Co.2/1/13, 5:40 AM

    My goodness what a week. I wonder why those kinds of weeks happen once in a while? Another friend of mine had a week like that about a month ago. Hope things go better and you warm up alittle. Will keep Hank in my prayers. Take care and sending a BIG hug to Hank and one for yourself hahaha

  5. this post just makes me happy. just looking at smooch on the bed is enough by itself, but seeing your horse canvas on your wall and that lovely bed, and then all the breaks with the dog you wanted to keep...smiling big and thanks

  6. Happy Birthday Smooch! Wonder what she had to say about the new pooch who showed up! Glad you found his owners. Hope Hank is feeling better soon and they figure out what's going on.

  7. Reads like a hard week, that did not go as you had planned. Hang in there. The renovation is worth the wait, bringing the light and air of outdoors inside.

  8. Oh, forgot... Happy 7th to Smooch!

  9. goodness, I would say it is time for your week to end. Blech.
    I hope Hank continues to improve and you find out soon what is happening. Always a worry when it's the unknown.
    Weather is crazy this time of year as you know, but the sunroom will be a lovely diversion once again when Mr. Winter lets go of the reins.
    Take care and cowgirl on. Oma Linda
    pssst. cute dog, and I'm sure you are used to wrestling and wrangling but oh my.

  10. Just wondering if Smooch got a chance to play with visiting doggie? That probably would have made her day!

  11. Happy birthday Smooch! To think you almost got another fursibling for your birthday - I wonder what you would have thought of that?
    Sending 'get better soon' vibes to Hank. I hope the vets soon figure it out and that it is something that has an easy fix.

  12. Happy Birthday to Smooch! She looks so regal watching for the crew.

    Thinking good thoughts for Hank and you during this trying time.

    We have a little snow here in Kentucky this morning too. Tuesday(?) it was 65 degrees.

    I'm thinking a Johnny Cash related name would have been good for the dog in black. But, happy he is back home with his humans.

  13. My goodness, it sounds like you had a very long week. I hope the week to come finds answers regarding Hank and a finished sunroom!

  14. Michelle from BC2/1/13, 8:16 AM

    I was so excited to see the new dog, just more adventure for 7MSN ranch.
    Happy B-Day to Smooch.
    Hank, get better .... you have so many of us trying not to worry!
    Linda, maybe an adult beverage on a Friday night would help ease the week?!

  15. May I perscribe a large glass of red wine!

  16. Seven looks good on Smooch. Sorry the entertainment didn't show up.
    We had early daffodils blooming on Friday and snow last night with a wind chill of 4. Go figure.
    Hope the vet and UC/Davis figure things out.We want Hank to feel better.
    Sounds like the black dog had an exciting time. Thumbs up to the two page phone book.

  17. Best get well wishes for sweet and gorgeous Hank and, belatedly, Happy Birthday to sweet and lovely Smooch!
    And better weeks ahead for Carson!

  18. Carol in N. Colorado2/1/13, 9:21 AM

    I am glad this is Friday and hopefully your week will close on a quiet note. Hope the vets determine what is wrong with Hank and get him fixed up. The visitor was sure cute and I bet Smooch would have loved a new playmate which you could have called Sue in keeping with one of your posters suggestion of a Johnny Cash theme. I agree after this week you deserve a large glass of wine or maybe the entire bottle. Take care!!

  19. Give Hank big cuddles from me. I hope whatever he has is easily treatable and he's better soon xo

    I too was thinking up names for the dog. Haha I'm glad he has an owner but kind of sad you don't have a new addition to the family :). Did Smooch meet him? What was her verdict?

  20. Happy Birthday, Smoochie! (Can I call you Smoochie? No?, Ok, Smooch it is-HA) You look just lovely sitting on your momma's pretty bed! Please give Hank a hug from me! We all love him and want him to be 100% well! Hugs, Meghan

  21. Sending good thoughts for Hank. Happy Birthday Smooch!

    Somehow I think that dog will be showing up again! I wonder how far away he lives?

  22. I hope Hank feels better real soon.

    Happy bday Smooch!

  23. Happy Birthday, Smooch! You are looking fit, if not real happy!

    Our best wishes for Hank's good health to return!

    Maybe a nice glass of wine for you!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  24. Wow, you've had quite the week. That stray dog looks like a bundle of mischief. Smart though, turning up at the dinner hour. All good things come to those who wait. Hopefully, Smooch will have lots to bark about come Monday. Holding good thoughts for Hank - yeesh.

  25. Ps. I love your choice of bed linens!