For You

I love to share my photos with my friends. Here are a few that you've asked for. Click on the title of the photo to go to the download page.

If you see a photo on this blog that you would like to print, just let me know, and I will make a high-resolution file available here.

These files are intended for the personal use of my friends. Very bad karma will come to anyone who even dreams of using them commercially or otherwise profiting from them without my consent.


Jack Rabbit

Do Not Mess With Me

Shall we dance?

Kickin' Ass

Slices of the New Mexico sky

Hank's airs above the ground

Walk faster, Wynonna

Wynonna's voice

Hank Snow

Hank in the pasture


Alan the Jolly Elf

Coyote Fence

Bull Calf

7MSN Sunrise

Fly Swatter

Deets walks the line