Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Highlights from the Super Burro Bowl

Are you ready for some football? Me neither. 
I've already seen this year's Budweiser Clydesdale commercial too many times to count and I cry every stinkin' time 
so I'm not compelled to spend a chunk of my day tomorrow in front of the tv. Besides, there's no way I'd miss Downton Abbey 
if the game should happen to run past 9. Anyway, here's an encore presentation of last year's Super Burro Bowl 
to tide you over until the big game. And by that I mean the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.


Super Burro Bowl One did not get off to a great start.
Lucy immediately got a 5-yard penalty for offsides...

... then Alan took advantage of her mistake and ran for a first down.

The ball exchanged hands mouths throughout the first quarter.

Lucy: I hate this game. I never know which way I'm supposed to run.

Referee: 15-yard penalty, defense, illegal use of the tongue!

Again, Alan took advantage of his opponent's mistake and ran for another first down.

Referee: 10-yard penalty, defense, unsportsmanlike conduct!

This time, Alan took the ball across the goal line.
At the end of the half, the score was Alan 6, George 0.

Sadly, I did not get any pictures of the half-time show. You should have seen it.
There was Wynonna, in her lace gloves and bustier, rockin' it. Seriously.
Smokin' hot. Think smoked ham. Yum.

Anyway, after the half-time show, the game resumed and Alan had possession at the 40-yard line.

But he fumbled the ball and George retrieved it!

Referee: Penalty, offense and defense, 20 yards for unnecessary cuteness!

The rest of the game was marred by one penalty after another.

Referee: Penalty, defense, pass interference, 15 yards,
plus an additional 5 yards for stinkeye.

Referee: 10-yard penalty, offense, too many players on the field!

Referee: 50-yard penalty, offense, poking eye out!

Alan: Damn referee...spoils all my fun. I'll show her.

With two seconds left in the game, Alan crosses into the end zone with the ball!

Al Michaels: Alan, you've just scored the winning touchdown in Super Burro Bowl I! 
What are you going to do now?

Alan: I'm going to Disneyworld! Can George come with me?
And Lucy and Hank? And mom, too? Somebody has to take pictures.


  1. Estella from Co.2/2/13, 5:04 AM

    Your Super Bowl is SOOOO much better...could watch it all day. Poor Lucy just can't get into it..Well, it sure started my day off with a smile and giggle. Hugs

  2. Yes, SOOO much better! And i agree with everything you said in your opening statement, rom Downton Abbey to the Puppy Bowl.

  3. Great game. I don't need to watch the Superbowl now that I know who won.
    Thanks for the beer commercial. I shared it with my FB friends. Everybody cried.
    Best always,

  4. Love it! The herd is much more entertaining! Better scenery and less crowded.

    Tomorrow night I will be curled up with a blankie and a book waiting for Masterpiece Theatre too.

    M in NC

  5. Carol in N. Colorado2/2/13, 7:51 AM

    I don't watch football at all but I will watch the replays of this game anytime. Sunday will be the Puppy Bowl and of course, Downton Abbey. Have a great weekend and enjoy the lovely weather we are having.

  6. I would much rather watch this than the super bowl. Yep, that Bud commercial is a real tear jerker and I love it.

  7. Well the Cuckoos are divided as to how we will spend Sunday. Papa will be watching the football game until Downton Abbey comes on unless the game is good and then I'm on my own and he'll catch up during the week. The grands and Shelley will watch the puppy bowl. I'm not watching anything until DA because I'm working on my felted wool jacket donkeys....the herd is looking pretty good. Oma Linda

  8. Now when someone asks if I watched the game this weekend, I can say that I did. The Clydesdale commercial was always the highlight of the game for me and this is a good one. I don't watch football anymore but I may have to watch the puppies. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Guess you get a beer and chips and chair and have a SUPER BOWL every weekend!!!
    LOVE the Clydesdale commercial!! I cry tear up every time I watch it and had to post it on my Facebook!! BTW- We don't watch the Super Bowl - but do record it and then go back and watch the commercials!! The rest of the year we do the opposite!!

  10. Excellent game. SB will be on here most likely. But in spurts and without much investment in the outcome.

    My mother would have watched for the commercials. Always for the commercials.

  11. The under eye "football" makeup on Lucy cracked me up!
    It will be home improvement shows, movies and Downton Abbey around here tomorrow too.

  12. They are absolutely adorable! This reminds me I need to get my donkey's a new ball as ours looks like yours!!!!