Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Another bumper crop

The cholla cactus bloomed a few weeks late this year...

...but now there are blotches of pink everywhere you look. Sort of like a pasture with acne.

See the new growth rising from the dead branches? 
This is why I'm adamant about kicking down dead cholla whenever possible.
The stuff has an uncanny knack for resurrection.

My current color palette in the house is based on the colors I see outside –
sage green, stormcloud blue, dirt brown – but I'm not the least bit tempted to add cholla fuschia.

When I think pink, I think of all the times this stuff has poked me or one of the animals,
and who needs that?

The only thing cholla is good for is a pop of color in the pasture for a few weeks every summer
(and an annual blog post to whine about it).