Thursday, July 28, 2016

You can lead a chicken to water but you can't make them stand in it

I saw a photo on Facebook recently of a happy herd of donkeys 
circled around a lawn sprinkler, enjoying a refreshing break from the heat. 
My donkeys hate getting wet, but my chickens could qualify as amphibians 
for as much as they like water, so I bought them a sprinkler.

I had visions of a happy flock of chickens splashing around
and singing joyful songs, not to mention an awesome video,

but that didn't happen.

The chickens were not the least bit impressed,
or grateful that I would care enough about their welfare 
to invest in a two-dollar sprinkler from Walmart.

They did spend a bit of time discussing its merits
and elected Mrs. Hughes to speak for them.

Mrs. Hughes: NFW. We're not standing under there
just so you can get a funny blog post.

They saw no problem with taking advantage of the puddles from all the wasted water,

though their spokeschicken did have some difficulty trying to figure out
how best to reach said puddle.

Lady Mary: Why'd she turn it off? I was about to jump in.

Peach: I think I heard her mumble something about us being ingrates 

and maybe she'd try it with the donkeys next.