Monday, May 18, 2020

Resting worried face

When I resurrected this blog early on in the pandemic, I had every intention of posting regularly.
You can see how well that's gone.

I can't focus. My thoughts are too scattered, worrying about any number of things 
over which I have no control. You know, things like 90,000 dead Americans, and
the 37 million who have lost their jobs, and a grossly incompetent, reprehensible, 
morally bankrupt president, and how much more damage he will do in the next 247 days, 
and oh my god what happens if he's re-elected? I can't even.

 No wonder Alex's default expression is "resting worried face." 
She is my mirror.

Locally, we've been worrying a lot about these holes on the side of the road.

We pass about a dozen of them on our morning walk.

 What if something pops out and bites us?

You know me well enough to know what's coming, right?

So this happened. 

He was pretty far up the road when we spotted him;
nonetheless, we beat a hasty retreat, praised the lord that we had cell service
and googled our fate.

Hmm. "...would not attack under any circumstances usually.."

There is nothing usual about anything these days,
so we'll err on the side of caution and give all of those holes a wide berth.

At least this snake had the decency to make his presence known long before we got to him.
He was pretty hard to miss, stretched out across the road. 

He appeared to be digesting a rather large something or other
and couldn't be bothered by us. One less thing to worry about.