Friday, August 17, 2018

Just like old times

Justina and Don from Morning Bray Farm were vacationing in New Mexico this week...
...and we got their undivided attention for 24 hours.

This was Alex's first experience with houseguests
and she was on her best behavior, much to my surprise.

We sat around and never stopped talking.
She sat around and never stopped looking cute.

Justina was missing her own donkeys
so George filled in for Bernard and pretty much didn't leave her side
during happy hour at the barn, 

except to have a meaningful conversation with Don.

There's something about Don's head that my animals find irresistable.


Sitting at the barn, in the dirt, in the heat, with the flies 
may not be everyone's favorite pastime, but it's ours. 
(The margaritas ease all environmental discomforts.)

Alan: Why does George get to be in all the pictures and not me?

Me: Because you're polite enough not to stick your head into every shot.

You would think I would have taken a group shot of the humans
to commemorate this very special visit, but no.
Luckily Danni took a screenshot of our facetime call:

Thanks, Danni!

The chickens joined us for morning coffee.

Turns out the new girls are very sociable.

Then just like that, Justina and Don were gone,
but the memories of their visit will be treasured forever.