Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The chickens clean up the porch

JohnnyCashCat's generosity knows no bounds. Perhaps if he knew how squeamish I can be
regarding beheaded rodents, he'd stop leaving me gifts.

Rather than clean up the mess myself, I allowed the merry maids a rare moment on the porch
to handle the task for me.

You don't have to ask these girls twice to take care of a rodent problem.

The clean-up was interrupted when Mrs. Hughes caught sight of her reflection in the door.

Mrs. Hughes: Yes, I am the fairest of them all. You got a problem with that?

There was more discussion than action...

...until Peach moved in and took control, much to Lady Mary's dismay.

A free-for-all ensued as the girls divvied up the prize.

The ridiculousness of following around a flock of hens, taking pictures of them eating a dead rat
was not lost on me, so I left them alone to finish the task.

I'll keep sharing Johnny's gifts with them as long as they keep sharing theirs with me.