Friday, May 18, 2018

Icing on the crate

When I showed you the puppy's repurposed crate a few weeks ago, it wasn't quite done.
The top of it needed a proper surface.
So when Ethel and I went to visit the puppy last week in Albuquerque, 
we brought home some colorful Talavera tile to finish it off.

It had been years since I'd worked with Talavera tile and I'd forgotten how much fun it wasn't.

But the stuff sure is pretty and colorful and looks good even without grout.
Ethel and I must have admired the ungrouted top a dozen times before she left.

Ethel, what do you think now that I've added the grout?
Do you see the 13 tiles which are set the wrong way?
No? Keep looking.

Now do you see what I mean?
but this one is for the record books.

Despite my errors, I think the tile top
is the icing on the crate and the puppy won't notice the mistakes... long as Smooch doesn't point them out.
 Since I was already in tile mode, Smooch got a backsplash in her dining area.

She is a proud member of the clean-bowl club and pushes her dish against
the kitchen wall to slurp up every last morsel, hence the wall is a scratched-up mess.

I had trimmed this doorway with tile years ago...

...and decided to extend it along the baseboard.

Smooch: Eating was more fun when I could mess up the wall.