Friday, March 16, 2018

Sh*t happens

I have no pictures to accompany the bizarre events of this week, 
but here's one of a two-headed burro to kick things off.

On Monday, I test-rode a mule. I was not actively looking for a new mount;
this one found me. He was extremely loveable, but the ride did not end well
and there was an unscheduled dismount.

On Wednesday, I went to town for an unscheduled xray,
which reminds me, I do have a picture to accompany the bizarre events of this week:

The xray report said, and I quote:
"Fractures of the left fourth, fifth and sixth ribs.
Otherwise unremarkable chest and left ribs."
 How dare they judge my chest to be unremarkable!

But also on Wednesday, an unexpected email arrived:
"Gosh, I so need to get away. You're not looking for 
a housesitter for a week this spring? Just a spontaneous thought..."

And within 24 hours, flights were booked and
arrangements made for a spontaneous visit to Danni's place near Portland.
At long last, I will meet all the critters at Critter Farm, plus, I will get to meet
a friend whom I've known for 8 or 9 years but have yet to meet in person.
I cannot wait. Having this to look forward to takes all the sting
out of a few cracked ribs. Ok, maybe not all of it, but close.