Monday, April 29, 2019

It's been so long I may have forgotten how to do this

I never intended to stop blogging. It just happened –
no particular reason other than I haven't felt like talking.
This malaise began in early November 2016 and I don't expect
it will end before November 2020. You can figure it out.

 When last we gathered here, the door installation was mostly done,
 but it pointed to a plethora of projects that would have to be accomplished
before I could call the room complete.

I wanted to simplify the color palette, so covering up the green walls
with an off-white seemed like a good place to start.

Besides, I had to get the painting out of the way before I could hang
the crown jewel of the door project:

 I found a glass artist on Etsy to create a transom window 
for the empty space above the door.

 It makes the room seem taller and I am thrilled with it.
And how about the lovely chewed edge of the quilt?
Nicely done, Alex. 

Can you believe how long her tail is?

Me neither.

These two. It may look like they were posing for a yearbook photo
but they were actually watching bugs smash into the window.
Entertainment is cheap in the middle of nowhere.

 The new paint color helped me realize that the focal point of the room
should be the views out the windows, so I did not rehang most of the art
that had been on the walls. Not in the bedroom, anyway. 

 The outside of the house may be in danger of turning into a gallery of sorts
and I'm okay with that, except for the part where I realize
how badly this table needs to be sanded and repainted 
and my project list grows ever longer.

This is the part where Alex realizes she can break her pose and go play.

Anyway, back to the original bedroom project, which was crying out
for some softness to balance the other textures going on in there, so I ripped out
the barnwood that cased the picture window and replaced it with 11 yards of cotton gauze.

One more room picture, then I'll shut up about this project...for now.
I took this one while sitting on the window seat, using the phone's panorama option:

In the midst of all the d-i-y frivolity, the hockey playoffs began.
Perhaps if I had not put Alex's bowtie on upside down, the first round
would have had a better outcome.

It was not a happy ending for our team...

 ...but we're already looking forward to next season.
With any luck, I'll feel like talking/blogging again before then.