Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The cruise ship in my driveway... actually a weather station, but I think it looks like the Love Boat.  

When I posted a picture of the display end of the weather station last week,
a few of you asked if I would recommend it.
I most certainly would...if Acurite still made it.
Apparently I bought the 2016 model. The 2017 model looks way better.
It comes with an app so you can monitor your weather from your phone.
(I bought mine for around $125 from Amazon – 
search for Acurite Weather Station to see all the options.)

The top five reasons why I love this weather station:
1. It's wireless
2. It's accurate
3. It's wireless
4. It's wireless
5. It's wireless

If you were around in 2012, you might remember the d-i-y project from hell
when I installed a hard-wired weather station.
The anemometer on that one (the little cups at the top that measure the wind)
eventually blew off and broke, which gave me the perfect excuse
to get this new one. 

It was easy to install, it is easy to use, and have I mentioned it's wireless?