Monday, March 18, 2019

All's well at the 7MSN

 Except for the occasional morning rainbow, not too much is happening at the ranch,
which is just fine by me.

 Smooch is almost back to normal after her bout of old dog vestibular disease.
She's eating well and going for at least one long walk a day.
She's still a little unsteady but is once again able to jump up on her favorite chair to sleep,
which means I can sleep, which means I have no excuse whatsoever for not blogging
for almost a month, except that it's the homestretch of the regular hockey season
and you may not hear from me again until after the playoffs in June if my team keeps winning.
Misplaced priorities, I know.

 Alex many things. 
Despite her focus and intensity, she is not a good watchdog,
barking at all the wrong times and mostly never.
Her favorite foods are cow poop and the edges of comforters and pillows.
 She has yet to shed since coming to live here.
Not sure what's up with that, but I hope it never changes.
Her exuberance for life in general does not waver...

 ...nor does her total devotion to me.
I can see this becoming a big problem down the road but so be it.

Riding in the cart at the home improvement store remains one of Alex's favorite things,
which is very good because the sliding door I installed in my bedroom 
has inadvertently become the catalyst for a host of other projects.

The old ceiling fan, installed when the house was built 14 years ago, had to go.
I forgot to take a before picture, but it looked just like this one in my office:

Too big, too brassy and too blchh. What was I thinking?

So now I have a ceiling-hugging version, which turned out to be
very easy to install once I got past the head-scratching wiring part (thanks, Tall Paul!)
But then the light fixture in the dressing area didn't look right,
and I might be tired of the green walls, and the comforter with the chewed edge
doesn't look great with the new rugs so thing leads to a hundred others.

All of which is to say there might be some interesting "after" pictures
if I ever get to the point of calling this room done.

Meanwhile, know that we're still here and all's well.