Monday, December 3, 2018

Joining the 21st century

Here I sit, one month into owning a smartphone, 
which might finally make me a bona fide member of the 21st century. 
Had someone told me years ago that I could deposit checks via a smartphone
and never have to go to the bank again, I would have joined sooner.

I've made one call from my smartphone, 
since that function only works when I get out to the highway.
I was in my truck and called Smooch and Alex to: 
a) see if the phone actually worked and b) tell them what time I'd be home.
They didn't pick up. 

But my primary reason for getting a smartphone was not to make calls.
It was to get my friends off my back and to take advantage of some of the apps
that might make my life easier and safer.

For example, I bought this new weather station because there's an app for it. 

If I happen to be away from the ranch and it rains, I can check the app
to see how much has fallen and panic accordingly about not being able
to get home and take care of the animals.

Keeping the phone in my pocket at all times means never having to run back into the house
to grab my camera when George and Alan are looking exceptionally cute. Major bonus.

Then there are the features I never knew existed, like voice memos.
I will never have to search for pencil and paper again
to write down something I need to remember.
This feature is almost as life-changing as check deposits.

You know you live in the middle of nowhere when
your phone tells you so.

I am not, nor will ever be, much of a texter because I can't type with my thumbs
and my eyes cross when I look at the ittybitty screen. 
However, when a text from Danni comes in, it is fun
to respond with a selfie to let her know what you're up to.
In this case, we were taking an extra-extra long walk because we were listening to
Michelle Obama's memoir (on my phone) and didn't want to stop. 
So very good, and to hear her words in her voice makes it all the better. I digress.

The app that may be the most life-changing of all,
and I can't believe I'm saying this,
is the Walmart grocery app.

I used it for the first time last week. I purchased my groceries online, 
selected a time to pick them up, and a Walmart employee
brought them out to the truck the second I arrived in the parking lot.
I never had to set foot in the store or wait in the check-out line or be among people.
And this is why God made a smartphone.