Friday, August 26, 2016

Retirement Relocation Report #1

Since last week's request for suggestions, I've been on a fact-finding mission,
looking into all the possible places where I might relocate the 7MSN. 

Here's the current map:
click on the map to enlarge

 The only way I know how to make an important decision is to make a list,
with the pros on one side and the cons on the other. But this decision is so important
that my list has turned into a giant spreadsheet.

click on the spreadsheet to enlarge

How did people do research before the internet? 
My favorite go-to site so far is
Type in the name of a city and bam! Data starts shooting out of the screen.

The data is just that and doesn't mean much until I compare it to where I am now. For example:

Average afternoon humidity in June in East Tennessee = 59%
Average afternoon humidity in June at the 7MSN = 18%
I hate humidity. East Tennessee probably doesn't stand a chance.

People per square mile by county in Brazos County, Texas = 333
People per square mile by county in Socorro County, NM = 3
I'm basically a hermit and would like to stay that way. 
Brazos County probably isn't for me.

Average precipitation days in Central North Carolina = 113 
Average precipitation days at the 7MSN = 53
Clear skies are a priority. Do I want to live where there are twice as many fewer? 
Probably not.

Note all those "probablys." I'm not pulling the pin on any place yet.
I keep telling myself I've got a few years to make this decision and there's no need to be hasty.

I'll use my precipitation days to stay indoors and continue my research.