Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All is fair in love and Jolly Ball

Alan: I'm cuter and smarter. I win.

George: I'm bigger and stronger. I win.

Alan: You're right. Go ahead. Take it. It's all yours. I am not worthy.

George: Hmm. It appears to be stuck to the ground.

Alan: *snicker*

George: I hate it when you cheat.


  1. It really is as though they knew when one is breaking the rules. I'm still fascinated by the fact that they continue their games when you are right there.

  2. It's amazing how close in you get to their antics. must be warming up there a bit.

  3. Alan has my heart, but George is one smart cookie!

  4. You crack me up every day! Thank you for that! :)Meghan

  5. Ah...there's a fine line between cheating and enhancing the game with strategy. It's fun to see the brothers at play.
    Pretty sky!

  6. I love how they play and get along... They are so close like two bad boys!

  7. that is soooo cute. I love it , makes me laugh after a hard day. I love that Alan can be so mischievous. In French, we say "le coquin"!

  8. What a pair of dumplings those two guys are. As long as they are having some fun, thats all that matters. But just as a point of interest, how long do the games usually last before the biting starts?

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  9. Oh Carson, you and your Burro Brothers and your stories! :)
    I often wonder whether your photos are posted in the sequence they were taken, or whether you've created a script in your mind, a story line first. And whether a smart little burro's brain is able to make that connection: foot on the JB = JB glued to the ground? Also, they appear so gentle, and it looks like they're picking up and carrying things so gingerly with their lips - yet apparently they're pretty "destructive"...
    At any rate and as usual, wonderful blog post (mini series) and beautiful photos of your adorable burros.

    "All's well..." - Thank goodness, and thanks for the tweet!

  10. I love that big cutie Alan!