Friday, December 2, 2011

Lucy graduates summa cum laude from Elf Academy

Two years ago, I enrolled the whole herd in Elf Academy. They all studied hard, did their homework and passed. 
I couldn't have been prouder. You might have noticed their graduation pictures at the top of this blog. 
(Click these links if you'd like to look back at elf class with George, Alan, Hank, Smooch, and Wynonna.)

Yesterday, it was Lucy's turn to take the class.
Her fear of polyester fur was quickly overcome by her fondness for fashion.

Me: Lucy, my dear, you are going to look stunning in red.

Lucy: Can we paint my hooves to match?
Me: Let's get this on first, then we'll worry about the rest of the outfit.

Lucy: I hear these are all the rage with donkeys in Paris.

George: Fashion-smashion. I think she looks like a

Alan: Maybe, but I'll bet her ears are warm.

Lucy: May I have a cape to complete the outfit? With an ermine collar?
Some pearls might look nice, too.


  1. Oooooh, Lucy looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. That is just TOO cute! And what a good girl for keeping the hats on long enough for pictures! I can see a good head shake and caps flying in two directions!

  3. Estella from Co.12/2/11, 5:47 AM

    Merry Christmas and Ho! Ho! Ho!....Love the hats and Lucy what can I say, she loves to dress up. I do agree pearls would be nice or a wreath. Hugs to all

  4. I think she looks ADORABLE! But, then, she always does!

  5. Maybe a new red saddle pad to match? Lucy looks terrific! :)

  6. I think you've created the perfect December photo for next year's calendar!

  7. I really must stop reading your blog at work, as your photos have a tendency to make me guffaw (like I just did, and now everyone's looking at me.) The ones where Lucy's got both hats on made me nearly spit coffee out of my nose.

  8. Move over, Wynona, Lucy is now the hottest thing on the ranch!!!

  9. I bet these are the outtakes and you'll have a new Lucy Elf picture for the header tomorrow.

  10. Tree skirts make excellent holiday saddle blankets (with pad underneath, of course). Just sayin... You two need to be in a parade one of these days. Show that girl off!

  11. Absolutely darling post--just TOO cute!

  12. I laughed SO hard and SO loudly at that last picture...ohhhh myyyyy!!!
    Good to see Lucy's header photo as festive now as all the others!