Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Puddle-jumping with Alex

I take Alex on three walks a day. No. Matter. What.

It's the easiest way I've found to drain the puppy energy out of her tank.

Our first walk of the day happens around 6:30, after breakfast and barn chores.
Smooch comes with us for the 1.5-mile trek, which is brisk enough 
to wear out Alex for most of the morning.

Around noon, Alex and I head out for a power walk:
westward across the ranch to the end of the back 40, as fast as our legs will take us.
That's good enough to tire her out for most of the afternoon.

Then just before dark, Smooch, Alex and I take a leasurely mile stroll,
to make sure a certain puppy is good and tired before she goes to bed.

Want to lose a pound a week? Get a puppy and walk her three times a day.

She sits like this all the time. How weird is that?

Just when I think her ears will remain fabulously floppy forever...

...she warns me that they might one day stand up and stay that way.

Or not.


  1. That's a pretty powerful side eye. Or is it the old stink eye? Denise

  2. You're a good dog mom! Alex read your mind in the 4th picture, LOL. I like your leash, good and strong.

  3. LOL... but does she get 3 baths a day. That's some muddy looking little paws. Nice to see the desert is getting a good soaking rain. (But sorry about your driveway ; )

  4. Wow lots of water. Looks like fun! Alex is getting so big and that’s an awesome diet plan.

  5. All that water in your neck of the woods, must be nice and green? Fabulous that Alex is getting you in to shape too! Good for Smooch too. I too think those ears are going to stand up! Lisa G in TN.

  6. Our mini Aussie Sophie is about 10 months old now. When she first came home all it took was a half mile walk to wear her down. Then she got faster and a bicycle was required. Now she gets most walks with a person on a small electric motorcycle, and goes two or three miles. She's not on a leash, though, she can get lots more exercise running circles around the human, and it was a good opportunity to teach her to heel, come back, and stay. We needed to do that as early as possible so the kids could take her hiking off leash. The downside is the humans don't get as much exercise anymore. I'm so glad you and Smooch have your puppy.

  7. Is puppy Alex capable of walking without a leash? in the back 40 for example?

  8. When looking thru the pics I was wondering about her ears. I am one for her fabulous floppy ears. Was excited till the full ear pic. My hope that she'll flip them ears up for focus hearing and they'll flip down for relaxed times...lol. Will enjoy her escapades no matter what.

  9. What...? The 7MSN Ranch has a lake?

  10. An American in Tokyo9/5/18, 7:13 PM

    Wow, she is one flexible and energetic puppy!!!