Wednesday, September 5, 2018

George behind bars

Remember George? Half of the dynamic duo that I used to post about regularly 
until a certain puppy came along and took over the blog?
He's been confined to a pen during all daylight hours since the end of July,
as I've tried to manage his skin allergies. 

He asked me not to post pictures of him in jail, 
but I'm making an exception today to update you on his condition.
But before I do, I have to take you back to this time last year,
when his allergies were out of control and he foundered
from the medicine he was prescribed. It was an awful time,
and I didn't share this picture because it was gross:

 His chest, his face, his belly all looked like raw hamburger meat.
When the summer ended and the bugs retreated, George's skin finally cleared up,
but I was determined to never let it happen again. 

So this year's allergy abatement plan has included:
1. No turnout during the day when the bugs are out.
2. The liberal application of Pyrannah fly spray, Vetericyn and SWAT, 
as many times a day as necessary.
3. Almost hourly visits to his pen to scoop poop and keep the flies away.
4. Two nutritional supplements (Platinum Skin and Allergy and Spirulina) 
to help maintain normal histamine levels.
5. Every-other-day bathing of problem areas with a prescription shampoo.


Much better! Or so I thought until Justina and Don came to visit a few weeks ago
and mentioned that Bernard's allergy-prone skin looked better than George's.
They were using a product recommended by their vet in Virginia,
along with generic Zyrtec. I got the ok from our vet to add both to George's program.

This is the stuff that is now saving my sanity and George's skin, 

I've never been so impressed with an equine remedy. (And nobody is paying me to say this.)
If you have an equine with insect bite hypersensitivity, I can't recommend it enough.
And it's even available on Amazon.
I've been using it on George's problem patches for two weeks, 
and his skin has never been more clear.

In another month or so, the bugs will die off, George will return to his normal 24/7 turnout,
and taking pictures of the burrito brothers will be fun again.


  1. My goodness. A world of difference from last year. I hope Alan has been hanging around the barn keeping him company. Looking forward to seeing the beautiful burro brothers playing again.

  2. What is Allan doing while George is in 'fly-timeout' ?

    M in NC

    1. Alan spends a lot of his time hanging out just on the other side of George's pen, then he'll go off to graze in the small pasture near the corral, leaving a very pissed-off George behind him.

  3. Wow. Poor George but what an improvement over last year! I don't know a thing about equines but I know a bit about insects. Could you have a big fan or two going in (or above) George's pen? (Kris at The Dancing Donkey has some fans going in her barn.) I really think that helps dispel bugs. But clearly you are doing an awesome job with your remedies. /Gretchen

    1. I'm fortunate that there just aren't many flies or bugs at the barn. I think the cross breezes from the back doors act like a fan.

  4. Hoping for an early release for George.

  5. I am so glad you found this for sweet George

  6. I'm thinking about wild herd donkeys who have this problem and no one to help them out.

    Now I know why you don't blog everyday. You're busier than you were when you were working!

  7. Aaaw, poor George. I hope he doesn't think he's being punished. I never realized how bad it was last summer!

  8. Yayyyyyy, I’m so glad to read that this magic cream works in New Mexico, too!! This is just another lovely reason why our human donkey club is so awesome: shared info, experience, and wisdom! Thank you, Don & Justina! <3

  9. George is so lucky to have you taking care of him!! Here’s to bugs leaving soon and he can return to his normal routine. We had a bout of this on the outsides of both donka boys front legs earlier this summer. It takes vigilance to clear it up!

  10. Hi, George. Sorry you are in the slammer. Glad everything working out. We are sure Alan can’t wait for you to come out to play. Puppy thinks you smell funny. 😊

  11. Oh my gosh what a difference! I am sure he feels much better with all the great stuff you are using. I cannot imagine the worry you have gone through while keeping George comfortable. Hats off to you! George you are a good boy! We will see you soon high fiving in the New Mexico Sunsets!

  12. I use that product on Ben as he has a few skin issues still. His sheath was so bad when he first got here we thought it might be cancer, but it has resolved with treatment and I stay on top if it. Many of these skin issues have a nutritional component, usually a lack of copper and zinc and too much iron. I test my hay and balance the minerals accordingly. If you would ever like to try that, feel free to get in touch, I can show you how to balance the diet. It has amazing results on skin and coat quality, is easy and not too expensive.

    I'm glad George is doing so well. These "cheap, low-maintenance" donkeys sure do take a lot of work:)

  13. Poor George! I'm so glad you found product that helped! I understand your frustrations as I went through a couple of summers with my little dog having severe skin allergies. The vet put him on short term Cortisone treatment which helped but the allergies came back when treatment stopped. One day, I was chatting with a new neighbour and they told me they used apple cider vinegar on their poodle's allergy-prone ears and it worked. I tried it with Jack and his allergies cleared right up. I was so happy! He had been miserable during the worst periods. Now, if I notice him start to get itchy or have a reddish patch, I will give the area a light spray with the apple cider vinegar and it doesn't progress any further. Don't ya just love those miracle cures?!

  14. Poor George and Linda! All that persistent work is paying off. You go, girl!

    Linda D.

  15. An American in Tokyo9/5/18, 7:11 PM

    Poor George! I'm glad you found something that seems to be working!
    I know how he feels. I am allergic to many, many things!

  16. What a difference! Ugh last year looks painful :-/
    Yay for something better from Don and Justina.
    They are such good donkeys...what a schedule you have been on with George. Plus a puppy? Whew!

  17. Oh poor George!! I'm glad he has your FULL attention to help him avoid another bout like last summer. What does Alan think about all this? Is he moping on the other side of the fence ... or is he gallivanting out on the pasture chewing away ... smirking back at George?

  18. Thanks for sharing the info on that salve.

  19. That's great news!
    Have you ever considered giving the boys a fly control feed through? I'm not big on daily pesticide feed throughs, but I magically don't have a highly sensitive donk, nor a fly problem. I know donkeys aren't horses, but here's a good Q&A article from Horse and Rider.