Friday, September 7, 2018

Let the guessing games begin

Alex and I ran into a neighbor yesterday, 
who of course asked me, "What kind of dog is she?" 
I gave my standard reply – "Valencia County Terrier."
However, in a few weeks, I should have a better answer 
because today I'm mailing Alex's DNA to the lab.

Since probably half the dogs in Valencia County, New Mexico, are pitbulls 
and the other half are Chihuahuas, logic says Alex must be half of each.
We'll see. My money is on a little bit of Chihuahua, maybe some Jack Russell Terrier,
a smidgen of pitbull mixed in with some generic hound dog,
and I won't rule out a bit of Boxer.

On the left, Alex at 11 weeks and 10 pounds; on the right, Alex at 23 weeks and 19.8 pounds.

On the left, me at 3,312 weeks and no way would I ever publish my weight.
Same goes for on the right.
(this calculator is so useful)

p.s. If you weren't around in November 2010 for Smooch's DNA test results, here's a link.


  1. All of those puppy walks and trips to the infirmary have definitely whittled you down from photo on the left. Just sayin'.

  2. Maybe some beagle too? And a lot of cute. Your photos really show how Alex has gained self-confidence!

  3. Ohh..Boston Terrier, Boxer, Pitbull, with a big helping of lovebug! That's my guess ...Lisa G in TN

  4. I'm on board with some Boxer, me thinks maybe some Beagle, too...and perhaps some Fox Terrier?

  5. She is so leggy now. Sweetheart. Growing and growing.

  6. We all join you in anxiously awaiting the results of Alex's test. Let the guessing begin. I wonder if we are all in for as big a surprise as turned up in Smooch's test. Rebecca2

  7. Oh mannn she is such a cutie and funny! Can’t wait to see what she is. Such a dif in her photos...she has such pretty markings.
    Yes I see the dif in you, too! :-) way to go!

  8. Your dog is ever so cute, and I have thought of a DNA test for my dog, Bounce, who looks like a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier/Corgi. I look forward to hearing of Alex's ancestry.

  9. throw in a little Australian Cattle Dog.

  10. She's grown out of her "worried" look. Now she looks like one serious little girl ready to help Smooch guard the ranch. Predators beware!

  11. I remember when you did Smooch's DNA. Her results seemed odd. Maybe 8 years later, they are more accurate. I think Alex looks like she has a little beagle thrown in there, but maybe that's just from her markings...It will be fun to see what they come up with. Hey! You should do Smooch again and compare her results from the previous test to now, now that the registry has had more time to develop...

  12. Well, she is 100% cute no matter what dna shows. I suspect there may be some beagle and/or smooth fox terrier in the results. Maybe some Staffy too.

  13. Alex's colours are becoming clearer, she alqo looks more white i the front.

  14. What a patient pup! And she wagged her tail the whole time! :-)

  15. Alex is looking great! I have a new puppy too, another Border Collie, and he is now 11 weeks old. He weighs 15 pounds. He is a tri-color like Alex. You can see pictures of him on Kris' blog: Keep having fun with Alex!!

  16. An American in Tokyo9/10/18, 12:36 AM

    Wow, she really is growing like a weed!!

  17. I gotta go with the Beagle....

  18. Here is my vote!
    Beagle/ Terrier Mix
    If you google this, look thru the pictures. I found one that could be Alex litter mate. But Could not get it to work thru this.
    They sure are Adorable. But not as cute as Alex.

    Hope the boys are doing well. I am sure that they are still. It quite sure of the new addition to the family. How is Mr Johnny Cat?
    And What a great sister Alex has in Miss Smooch.

    Can't wait to hear what Kiss Alex is.