Monday, January 15, 2018

This retirement thing is exhausting

Last week, I began what I thought would be a fairly straightforward but long-delayed chore:
cleaning all my tack. I got the small stuff out of the way first, then moved on to the saddles.
Since I store them on racks in the garage, covered with saddle blankets, how dirty could they be?

I was appalled when I uncovered Hank's and found
 footprints from mice I didn't even know I had.

Drastic measures were in order.

The once-over with the leaf blower didn't do much,
but I could at least take them into the sunroom for a thorough scrubbing
without tracking most of the desert through the house.

I painstakingly dismantled each one so that no speck of dirt
would escape my wrath or rags, but not before taking lots of "before" pictures for reference – 
I wanted to be sure I could put them back together.

Several days into this "fairly straightforward" chore, I couldn't help thinking,
"why am I going to all this trouble, only to return them to the garage
where they're going to get all dusty and the mice might borrow them again?"

And that's when I realized, " this is how retirement works."
One project leads to a bunch of others because there's time to do them!

I'll save the "after" pictures of the saddle-cleaning
and the bunch of other projects for tomorrow.


  1. I’m loving your retirement except for the fact that it makes me feel like a slug.

  2. It's be so satisfying to have them all clean!

  3. Isn't tack cleaning therapeutic though? I'm trying to find a weekend to set aside - the tack + feed room needs a complete overhaul. Who knows what kind of rodent related surprises await me there lol...

  4. Living in Arizona is exactly why we have always kept our saddles in the house. :)

  5. Harley retired last January. He wasn't sure what would keep him busy, but suddenly those "volunteer" opportunities came along. Get ready, before you know it, you will become busier than you can ever imagine! Enjoy your free time. :)

  6. Yup. And you thought you'd be traveling/resting/napping....? Now you know.

  7. An American in Tokyo1/15/18, 5:21 PM

    It must be nice not to worry about a time schedule, though!
    I think I need to clean my apartment now, after seeing all the cleaning you are doing, it has inspired me!!