Thursday, January 11, 2018

And on the 96th day, it finally rained...

and then it snowed a little, then it rained again, and then the sun came out.


I've heard from several of you recently that your comments are not showing up.
While Blogger has never played well with certain browsers and devices,
the problem seems to have worsened in the past few weeks.
It may have something to do with an Apple product update, but I don't know for certain.  

Rest assured that while I moderate the comments to protect us all from Russian bots,
I publish all the legitimate ones that appear in my "awaiting moderation" folder.
Some legitimate comments have been showing up in my "spam" folder.
When I mark them as "not spam," they're supposed to go to the "awaiting moderation" folder, 
but they disappear completely instead.
My current workaround is to copy and paste them into the comments section.
Meanwhile, I'll be looking at alternative comment platforms, like Disqus, 
to see if there's a better way.


  1. i found 3 in my moderation and 2 in my spam yesterday that had been there for weeks. i don't have mine set up for moderation so whats up with that. blogger has been hiccupping lately. bet they are doing changes in the background. for a few days if i copy and paste in the post creatior it doen't show in preview. that is new. also the insert button happened with out me touching it and as i typed a correction the words disappeared. little things. I LOVE that second photo of the cat in the door

  2. Happy that you finally got some precipitation! YAY!

  3. Mercy, it's been so long since we've seen a raindrop or snowflake! So sorry that cow didn't make it.

  4. Yay for that rain and snow! I was hoping that you’d get some.

  5. Yay for rain, snow, rain...sun. Sometime back awhile ago, as they like to say in the Midwest, I found that my comments could not be published in Safari, but work fine in Chrome. Don’t know if that’s part of the issue for commenters, but it worked for me.

  6. Whew! 1) moisture 2) it wasn’t something I said. Aunt Jean

  7. Glad glad I’m not the only one ... I haven’t been able to get my comments to post in months. Just want you to know I haven’t abandoned you Carson ... I’m still a faithful reader.

  8. My comments have rarely posted on your blog, but I follow faithfully and every now and then one goes through! It doesn't seem to matter whether I try to comment using my Google account, or my Name/URL or as anonymous. I also use blogger and my followers are experiencing the same problems commenting. It would be nice to get it fixed. By the way, I use Chrome. Oh, and I've noticed problems with copy and paste as well as other things when I'm composing a post, as someone else mentions above.

  9. Happy dances for the precipitation. We are expecting winter weather to come get us today. Rain to ice to snow. Skipping the ice altogether would be nice.

  10. interesting weather indeed! love the geometry of your second picture, amazing! if I may ask: why is Johnny looking sad? for the comments, could you have us sign something to enter them?

  11. This comment is from Carine, pasted from the spam folder:
    interesting weather indeed! love the geometry of your second picture, amazing! if I may ask: why is Johnny looking sad? for the comments, could you have us sign something to enter them?

    My reply:
    Johnny isn't sad; he's mad because I'm in the house taking a picture when I should be out feeding him.

  12. I see, poor Johnny! sorry my comments became spam, I signed them each time with my google account though

    1. This comment came through just fine. Maddening.

  13. Winter without snow, not that excitement.Am I right?