Sunday, September 10, 2017

Scenes from the infirmary and dispensary

Patient conditions are about the same as our last report
Lucy is on a course of penicillin as of Wednesday, and I'm seeing tiny signs
that she might be feeling a slight bit better.

The farrier came Friday, and I seriously doubted whether 
he'd be able to trim Lucy's hooves without her falling over,
but he worked fast, made sure she wasn't uncomfortable
and got her done. 

He believes George's hooves will heal quickly
and claims "medicine founder" is the easiest from which to recover.
I want to believe him, but I think I'll run his theory by the vet first.

Meanwhile, Alan is wandering around with nobody to play with except me.
He reminds me at every opportunity that I have again forgotten to feed him.
Then I remind him that he has three times as much pasture to graze
because his herdmates are penned up, 
then he reminds me that life isn't fair and I say I couldn't agree more,
and this goes on all day.

Nostril shot.

Here is Lucy eating. 
Look closely and you'll see the feral beast keeping her company.

I haven't sourced any pill pockets for donkeys, so I'm improvising with carrot snouts.

 George loves carrot snouts. 
He hasn't caught on that I hide pills in the nostrils.

Preparing the morning and evening medicine trays is becoming almost routine
in that I don't have to consult my spreadsheet for who gets what.

George gets the carrot snouts and Lucy gets everything else.

Then everybody gets the best medicine of all.


  1. Carrot snouts. Snort. Glad you have kept your sense of humor. Although it's hard to see what else you could have called them.

    1. Hahaha. I was going to type the EXACT same first three words as Portia!
      Also, you, Carson, are the best donkey mama EVER.

    2. And if you want to second opinion, I totally agree with Danni!❤️

  2. Amazing organization and ingenuity! I read the whole thing thinking, how do you leave to go to the store?
    Lisa G in TN

  3. Your resourcefulness in administering (hiding?) meds is great. Stay strong. Hope you're getting enough rest. Praying beautiful Lucy and handsome George start feeling better soon.

  4. Even though it may all seem chaotic, you are quite organized. . . organized chaos!! Praying for you and your babies. Hugs to all!

  5. Alan doesn't want to miss anything by leaving the infirmary. Like watermelon!

  6. Here's little tip from my own infirmary to make those carrots snouts so much easier:

    You must have a cordless drill right? If not, go buy one right away:)

    1. Great idea but Alan would miss eating the leftover carrot cores and would be even more mad at me.

  7. Hugs to the patients, and kudos to you Linda - so well organized. The carrot snouts are a hoot! While perusing your dispensary I noticed that groovy spiral egg holder (!!!) in the background. Heading to amazon as soon as I hit publish. ;D

  8. Carrot snouts? They look yummy!
    I really like your egg holder, it looks like a ride. And how you improvised your egg holder <3
    Glad they are slowly improving, thanks to your good care!

  9. You really are one organized person! I have trouble keeping up with two sick cats when they both need meds at the same time. Jim discovered that Marigold thought her little yellow pill was some kind of special cat treat. *lol* Never has that happened with any of our animals, but now she tells him when it's "treat time" and looks around for that special one before she starts eating. I have to get sneaky (like your snouts) with Xena's pills and push teeny pieces into cheese specials. Smart girl to save the best for last. We will continue to pray for our 7MSN friends. I wanted to tell you that Swami Sankanaranda sends you his love. We had a picnic with him last month when he was traveling by in his new "shoes"...a used RV called "Prema".

  10. Awwwwwww! Thanks for the update! I was wondering this morning how you guys are doing. Love the carrot snouts..... You are so ingenious!! Hugs to all!

  11. Carrot snouts are a great idea! Hope the patients will heal soon and be able to go out with Alan again.

  12. Clever and resourceful as usual! I'm glad the patients are improving.

  13. You're the best carer possible!
    Hope things are improving. Paws still crossed. X

  14. Carrot snouts!!!! Genius!! Can you share this over on fb, I know some horse people who would love this idea!! Glad they are improving, guess Allen will be having his pity party for a bit longer.

  15. You must be exhausted from worry and just making sure everyone is doing fine. Stay strong! And by the way your watermelon slices are cut so perfect!

  16. An American in Tokyo9/11/17, 6:51 PM

    Great nursing!
    I hope everyone feels better soon! Sending virtual hugs and kisses!

  17. Love the carrot snouts!