Saturday, September 9, 2017

Saturday encore ~ It's all about the pie

This encore post is from September 12, 2016.

The 2017 Pie Town Festival is today. I won't be attending because 
this year, it's all about George and Lucy, not the pie. 
Lucy showed some tiny signs of improvement yesterday.
I'll try to post an update tomorrow.


This is the pie I baked to take to the Pie Town festival on Saturday. 
It was a peach/raspberry. I rarely bake pies, and for good reason.
They're a lot of work! Perhaps it is my inexperience, but by the time
I researched a recipe, made the crust, peeled the peaches, wove the lattice,
then baked the darned thing, cleared the smoke out of the house
and cleaned the oven, we're talking six hours that I would never get back.

 I thought about entering it in the contest, 
then I thought about all the work that went into it,
then I thought about it being just another nameless, faceless pie
that the judgmental judges wouldn't appreciate
nearly as much as some other people I know,

  so instead of competing with it,
 I took my pie to Pie Town and served it to my friends...

...some of whom I was meeting in person for the first time.

 Hi, Janet! Janet has been a regular reader and commenter on this blog since forever
and came to Pie Town all the way from Arizona.

 Hi, Aunt Jean! Another regular reader and commenter since forever, 
Jean and her husband drove all the way to Pie Town from Denver.
Never underestimate the lengths people will go to for a piece of pie.

Before we leave this picture, let us not overlook the bearded man in the corner
who appears to making an offering to the pie gods.

 Hi, Tom and Kathy and their well-behaved dogs, at the finish line of the PiK.
It was 3.14159 miles. 
Tom and Kathy were my neighbors before I moved to the 7MSN,
and they introduced me to the whole Pie Town festival experience in 2010.

Tom and Kathy both placed in their divisions in the PiK race. 
Their dogs, having pulled them up the last hill, felt they deserved 
their piece of the pie, but Tom wasn't buying it.

 I would not have been able to resist this face.

 Thorin is a Rhodesian Ridgeback with very large paws.

 I had as much fun taking dog pictures at the festival
as I did eating pie.


  1. Sending wonderful healing thoughts your way all day and going forward! XO!

  2. our Baby girl was mostly Rhodesian Ridgeback and this could be her paws and rear. love the pie god pic and all the dogs make me happy. so would the pie

  3. Aww man that pie looked sooo good! Love the dog photos,too.

  4. Yay for improvement no matter how tiny! Looking forward to the update tomorrow.

  5. Sending lots of love and healing thoughts!