Thursday, June 16, 2016

Smooch in Spanx

 Purple vet's what all the fashionable canines are wearing these days,
or at least those who suddenly develop a mysterious abscess on their bellies
that have to be lanced and drained.

 Smooch's vet thinks she may have rolled onto a goathead, cactus, tumbleweed
or other bacteria-ridden sharp object, causing an infectious lump and scaring me half to death.

This all happened while Ethel was here to talk me back from the ledge,
thank goodness. The abscess stopped draining yesterday (I hope),
judging by the amount of times I'm not finding drops of yuck
leaking out from under the bandage.

I keep telling Smooch she looks very svelte and greyhound-like
in her purple Spanx, but she's not buying it.

The next picture is of the abscess before we went to the vet.
I'm posting it so you might have a frame of reference in case
one of these things ever shows up on your dog.
It's not terribly gross, but I thought I'd warn you.
Smooch will be on antibiotics for 10 days and, with any luck, 
that will be the end of this episode of "It's Always Something."


  1. I hope your sweetie gets well soon and you need cuticle cream bad!!!! : )

  2. Poor Smooch! Around my place it is sandburs. Off to google goatheads....

  3. I wonder what would cheer her up? Maybe some get well treats?

  4. Looks like Smooch is in good hands. I know this will clear up. Animals give us such a scare.

  5. oh my. No, not terribly gross, but terrifying! Black like that would have made me think of things so horrible I won't even put names to them. Thank goodness for friends to keep us calm and vets to identify and resolve the problems. And antibiotics! How does Smooch feel? Besides embarrassed about the purple, of course.

    1. Smooch feels just fine, though very mad that she can't go outside unsupervised to patrol and protect.

  6. I a sure the antibiotics will work. Let's hope the vet subscribed something else as a preventative measure for you... A double shot of scotch! If not, find another vet.

  7. In these parts the fashionable dog wears Pokemon shorts. We had our dog neutered but he had cone paralysis. He would stand in one place and cry for hours. He wouldn't even lay down. So now he has to wear a pair of shorts but he looks like a hula dancer when he wags his tail.
    In sure Smooch will be back to patrolling in no time.

  8. An American in Tokyo6/16/16, 5:53 PM

    Poor Smoochie-poo!
    Please tell her that I think she looks very greyhound-ish and stylish, too!
    And give her a couple of extra rubs and hugs from me!
    Get well soon, Smoochie!

  9. Ah, nature. Our dog most likely inhaled a foxtail weed seed and it left a trail of bacteria that went septic. Short story: most of his right lung removed, antibiotics for a year and he won't be going to college or graduate school--he used up the fund.

  10. Love that you posted a warning of sorts before your last picture. It does not compare though to the shots from a few years back when ... Ethel ... or Danni? were unpacking your surgery wound! ;)

  11. Whew!! So glad it was nothing!

  12. Poor Smooch...I hope she won't have to deal with something like that again. What a relief that it was nothing sinister.