Friday, June 17, 2016

Smokin' hot

 There are several wildfires burning to the west and north of the ranch...

 ...far enough away that we're not in danger...

 ...but close enough to fill our skies with smoke.

 Nothin' like a smokey haze to add a little drama to a sunset.

 Excuse me, George? I'm trying to work here.

We're keeping a close eye on the "Dog Head" fire.
It's moving northeast, which is a good thing for me
but a nightmare for the folks and animals in its path.

We'll be working on our rain dance until it's contained.


  1. I hope that it's doesn't hurt anyone.

  2. There is no greater fear in dry areas than fire. Good luck to you all!

  3. prayers for our safety and you always have dramatic photos, no matter what the sky is doing. these are gorgeous

  4. I'll do a rain dance for you too.

  5. With summer there is always fire. Stay safe!

  6. Fires are a fact of life in the desert but they sure are scary. Its bad enough if you just have to jump in your truck with a few belongings but when you have animals, it brings a whole new meaning to scared.

  7. I just read about that!! Too close...northeast part of NM, scary.
    I'll be doing a rain dance for you, I'll put on my Mexican poncho and the dogs will help.
    Love the photos...miss you guys

  8. I'll be doing a raindance for you here too! Good luck!

  9. We have periodic grass fires here so I can appreciate the concern and danger. Rain, rain, rain .... come again.
    Always love your still shots. The videos are fun, but you have a way with that camera, plus oodles of experience! the unseasonably Hot midwest

  10. Been praying for all of New Mexico and AZ. people with these
    wildfires....Drove thru NM and AZ several years ago when they
    were experiencing these fires back then. the smokey air is
    not good....and last summer I spent the time above the Redwood Curtain
    in Cali when the fires were there and in Oregon....Not good then, I am praying for rain....and safety for the
    people and their ranch animals....
    we are going to have rain here in NC again today...Wish I could
    blow hard to get that rain to your neck of the country.
    Love from NC

  11. Northern AB gal6/17/16, 12:01 PM

    Fabulous photos! Stay safe.

  12. We're in off fire season here. In fact, today we're off with our brigade to do a controlled burn in the bush nearby to help keep down the fuel load ready for next summer. I'll focus my rain dance energy on the northern hemisphere for everyone up there!

  13. love these velvety legs!

  14. Yikes. I hate wildfire season. I'm hoping it is contained asap and a good rain comes through to reduce future flames!

  15. An American in Tokyo6/19/16, 6:06 PM

    Stay safe!
    And I love that shot through George's legs! =)