Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Good friends help you bury a body

Great friends help you dig it back up and bring it home.

 It would have taken years for Lucy and I to bring this home piece by piece,
so I enlisted Ethel to help me retrieve it in one fell swoop.
That laughter you heard out of the west Friday morning? That was us.
(If the cow looks familiar, you may remember it from this post,
when Lucy and I brought home the skull.)
Anyway, when these bones finish bleaching out, 
I'll have plenty of raw materials to make stuff.

What stuff, you ask? 

I saw something similar while perusing Pinterest
and thought it might look and sound interesting on the front porch.

Just as the feral beast and the chickens and the swallows 
were getting used to it...

...a 30 mph gust brought it to its knees. 
Turns out that 6-pound fishing line is no match for the New Mexico wind.
But that's ok. The parts are still in tact, and I should be able 
to easily restring it with something stronger. 
It was a noble experiment that fueled lots of boneheaded ideas 
for future projects. (Ethel, come back soon!)


  1. Nest time you want to do one of these projects, I will send my hubby to help you. However, after years of orthopedic surgery....he says you didn't do too bad with those bones. His tools aren't much different from your tools!! LOL!!!

  2. Northern AB gal6/15/16, 5:16 AM

    OK, you two have been out in the sun too long, lol, that's all I'm sayin'. On second thought, how many glasses of wine were consumed before this took place?

  3. I think it would be so cool wired together as it is! A whole museum display of an intact skeleton...pretty darn rare.

  4. Very interesting and artistic, Carson. All the bones are nicely placed on the fishing line as well. Give it another try with stronger line and show us again.

  5. Maybe Santa will bring you a cordless drill next Christmas. Then you and Ethel can make stuff anywhere on the ranch...if you needed to.

  6. I think I would add some Bling to it.

  7. Heavy duty material. No bones are safe with you and Ethel.

  8. You two are downright dangerous together!

  9. Just when I think it can't get any better out there............ Yay, you two!!!!

  10. You're a woman after my own heart!!! I've got a rabbit in the ground as we speak! I realize there's a massive difference in scale here, but I do live in the city…..

  11. You two have been in the sun W-A-Y too long. :-)

  12. Very cool! I would love to spend an afternoon with you and Ethel doing arts and crafts. That would be a hoot.

  13. Lord have Mercy, I am glad I ate my oatmeal before seeing that body in your buggy.

  14. HAHAHAHAHA...*sigh* you are such a weirdo. I am so glad that there are others out there like our kind! Right now Im trying to figure out what to do with all the sheds we keep finding in the Black Hills- if we didnt have 70 mph winds here in Montana, I would try to make a wind"chime" too! And then I have discovered primitive skull staining- where you make dotted abstract patterns in white epoxy, then rub stain into it afterwards- your bones (esp. the scapula!) would be perfect for that :)

  15. An American in Tokyo6/15/16, 6:01 PM

    At first when I saw the title, I was like, "What the...?!?!?!"
    Then I read your post! LOL
    I love your wind chime idea! It must be nice to have lots of "craft materials" to work with! =D