Friday, July 31, 2015

Begging for bugs

Yucca stems are handy perches for young swallows who tire easily.

 Young swallow: Feed me! Feed me!

 Adult swallow: You're big enough to find your own bugs. Get with the program.

 Young swallow: I'll chirp for food.

Young swallow: What's a bird got to do to get a meal around here?

And with that, he flew off into the sunset in search of his own bugs.


  1. Wish I could give him all of mine.

  2. They need to be like the chickens and start going after bigger prey...tarantulas
    Or fly to Capistrano

  3. THE END.... pretty silhouettes but not a fan of swallows. When I was little they would dive bomb us every time we went into the barn.

  4. Beautiful pics, Carson!

  5. An American in Tokyo8/2/15, 5:55 PM

    I love swallows! There are a lot of empty nests now at the train station. They've all gone on to wherever they go when they are not hatching babies. I enjoy seeing them go and come back every year! =D