Saturday, August 1, 2015

Saturday encore ~ The precocious prodigal son returns

This post is from July 28, 2014, when the pasture was brown and fly masks and grazing muzzles
weren't necessary. What a difference a year and a bunch of rain makes. 


It was a particularly lazy Sunday afternoon. Lucy and I had returned home from a long ride, 
it was very hot, and all I wanted to do was nothing.

 My idea of nothing is listening to a book, in the shade, in the company of animals.

 Animals don't understand the concept of nothing.

 Anyway, after trying to do a lot of nothing, it was time to go back to the house. 

 And who should be waiting for me but Junior, the little bugger...
just when I was getting used to the idea that he had run away from home and might never return.
I'd like to think he had missed us, but maybe he's just into the whole internet celebrity thing.
Hard to say with a wild child.

He turned around to look at something – I thought for sure Daddy or Auntie must be nearby, but no.

 He was by himself...

...strolling through as if he owned the place. 


  1. Aw! That was a year ago?! have you seen Momma and Jr. 2.0 lately?

  2. Nice post of you trying to do nothing, when your animal friends don't understand the concept.

  3. I love how they try to bug you while you are relaxing...nice socks

  4. So - do we wish for rain for you next year, or would an anti-rain dance be in order? Rain for Hank, a mini-drought for the burros and donkey?? Dilemma. (Or it would be, if the weather gods gave a hoot.)
    I firmly believe that, before departing, the wild child gently said, "I'll be back."