Thursday, July 30, 2015

Smooch trees a mouse

 No longer content with digging in the dirt, I caught Smooch digging in this chamisa.

 I had no idea what she was digging for, 
but she couldn't look more adorable while in the process.

Me: Yes, we're talking about you.

 The object of her mission soon became clear to me, 
although he snuck back down his hole before I could get the shot.

 Smooch did a very nice job shredding the bark off the lower limbs.

Me: Smooch, I doubt he's going to come out with you standing there.

Smooch: I'm happy to wait.


  1. Johnny will be mighty jealous to know she is moving into his territory!

  2. you sure got the adorable part right. Our Jake would watch that hole for hours. Johnny must not be keeping up with his job

  3. Smooch you Sweet Baby you. So many talents.

  4. She's probably thinking..."If I catch this mouse, she can get rid of that damn cat."

  5. I like Janet's reply! Ha ha
    Love the second photo, so sweet!

  6. Smooch is a cutie and looks willing to wait.

  7. Cute. Can't believe Smooch shredded the bark like that.
    Janet's comment is pretty funny. she might be right.

  8. An American in Tokyo7/30/15, 5:48 PM

    Smoochie! Good job!
    Ranch Security is 24/7! ha ha! =D

  9. Smooch you have beautiful eyes! please dont destroy trees, you need them in your corner of paradise