Monday, June 8, 2015

Chasing rainbows and big birds

 It was very early Saturday morning and there was a rainbow in the front yard. I took a few pictures
 but lacking any equines they weren't particularly interesting so I went back in the house.
Something caught my eye out the window as I was putting the camera away.

 JohnnyCashCat and a raven were facing off,
and a pair of swallows and a dove were on the roof placing bets.

 My money was on Johnny.

 Johnny took a half step toward the raven, who promptly jumped to a higher rail.

 Johnny interpreted that as a win and jumped down before the raven called for two out of three.

 Then the raven flew to the fence in front of the house.
I snuck over to the nearest window, hoping I might be able to frame him in front of the rainbow.

Just as I was getting my shot lined up, Johnny jumped in from the left,
admonishing the big bird to stay off of our fence.

Quoth the raven, "Nevermore." 


  1. An interesting face-off! Beautiful rainbow.

  2. 7MSN Kabuki theater :) Love it.

    We are still celebrating the Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah, here in central Kentucky. He is back home at Churchill Downs. What a happy time. And he is a happy big guy who loves to run. Loves mugging for cameras, being petted and loved on. Trainer said he looks like he could go again in a couple weeks. We were beginning to wonder if there would ever be another triple crown horse. And here he is.There is a great photo by Michael Clevenger (for Courier Journal but showing up everywhere), shows Victor Espinoza looking back at the distance growing between AP and the other horses. All four feet in the air. AP's stride is a little longer than Secretariat's. Didn't break Big Red's track records, but didn't have to.

  3. Good story! Who knew there was that much drama so far from nowhere.

  4. Great pics! Love when people notice these *moments*...

  5. The Triple Crown of Animaldom, almost! What a beautiful rainbow too.

    KathyB -- His loooong legs are what I always noticed first about American Pharoah & he DOES seem to float. Marvelous to see him earn the Triple Crown! I loved Seattle Slew too, but having watched Secretariat in all 3 races -- the Belmont probably the most thrilling moment(s) of forever, there will never be another Big Red. However, I LOVE your close-up story about AP and his owner's generous attitude. Whatta horse!

  6. Those ravens make the worst sound. That alone is enough to scare me.

  7. Awesome photos! Happy Monday.

  8. Excellent action shots!


  9. An American in Tokyo6/9/15, 5:57 PM

    That is one huge raven! (or maybe they are all huge?)
    It looks as heavy as JCC!!

  10. Not the pic you were expecting, but a hell of an action shot!