Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The never-ending game of cone

It was early Monday morning. I was standing in my office, brushing my teeth and watching
George and Alan play with the remains of a cone. My toothbrush turned off after two minutes 
but the game of cone continued. Surely if I raced to get dressed and go outside with the camera, 
the game would be over and the rushing around would have been pointless.

I was wrong. The game kept going...

...and going...

...and going.

Well into the ninth inning, the chickens started heckling across the fence.
I couldn't blame them. They wanted breakfast. Me, too.

Lucy gave up and took a nap as the game went into extra innings.

George: Please let it be over soon. Even I'm bored.

Finally, Alan took one for the team and let go.


  1. Looks like the Game of Cone became Lord of the Ring.

  2. I haven't had breakfast yet either -- but start the day with a big fat smile about donkeys having fun!

  3. Even the chickens think they look silly.

  4. Don't you mean, "Game of Cones"?

    1. An American in Tokyo6/9/15, 5:55 PM

      Love it! Game of Cones! ha ha
      I guess that means you will have to buy a couple more, seeing that they have torn that one up pretty good...;)

  5. Somebody(s) need a new cone!

  6. Looks like they had a lot of fun

  7. Ha ha, sounds like Cleveland, overtime. Love the chickens heckling! I bet Mrs.Hughs started it all :-)

  8. Your donkeys are adorable!