Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday encore ~ Lucy, George and Alan go to the beach

Lucy, George and Alan took a long nap in the sun yesterday.

It looked to me like they were spending a lazy afternoon at the shore.
George has that "beached whale" look about him.

 Lucy: Could you bring me a frosty beverage, please?

George finally woke up...

 ...and tried to convince Alan to go for a swim.

 Alan: I've got sand stuck in places I never knew I had.

 Alan: Hey, Lucy. Wake up and roll over.

Alan: You need to even out your tan.


  1. This encore cracked me up AGAIN! I remembered "beached whale" and those wonderful beach towels and umbrellas, such a cute idea, but had forgotten Lucy's need to even out her tan, lol. To all at The 7MSN Ranch a happy, easy, beachy weekend!

  2. Ear language! Those are very happy ears, all six of them!

  3. The beach one w/ umbrellas needs to be in the next calendar! Aww, love Lucy's dirty brown face...

  4. love it... must feel really good to lay in the sun and bake...

  5. At first glance, eyeing those fat bellies, I thought they had passed out from all that grass they've been eating.

  6. Haha! You can't even imagine how you always make me smile with these pictures!
    Beached whale! :) ♥

  7. Great post... and wonderful pics! I'm going to share this post with a friend who loves donkey too.

  8. An American in Tokyo6/7/15, 5:52 PM

    Too cute! I love the hand drawn beach umbrellas and towels! Maybe you need to do that more! ;)