Thursday, February 26, 2015

Put a lid on it

Things that put Smooch on red alert: 
1. Coyotes
2. Snakes

 3. Strange men in the driveway

 Actually, the men aren't all that strange; 
they're the same guys who built the sunroom two years ago.

I've invited them back to add an overhang at the entrance, 
to protect my many guests from the elements as they wait for me to answer the door. 
Not really. I don't have many any guests. But the entrance looked naked, 
and I thought an overhang would be a nice touch.

And since they would be here anyway working on the raise-the-woodstove project,
why not do both jobs at the same time? 

The woodstove project commences today,
adding another item to Smooch's red-alert list: 
4. Strange men in the living room.


  1. Smooch is going to need a Valium...

  2. did you notice your window in the one with the men and ladder looks like a beautiful framed painting.

    1. You're right! The reflection of the adjacent mountains and sky is gorgeous!

  3. Poor Smooch. So much supervising to do.She is up for it though :)

  4. Better stock up on yogurt with pro-biotics. Looks like Smooch's bellie will be wound up for a while. Looking forward to pic's of the progress.

  5. Your ranch is taking on a nice shape. That's what we do. Start and small job and pretty soon the whole place takes on a new look. Love to see pics once it is all done.

  6. Can't wait to see the finished projects. Poor Smooch -- Strange men in the living room -- belly laugh!

  7. "Raise the Woodstove"?? I'm guessing you're tired of getting down on the floor to do any work with the stove? Hopefully the raising won't take too long.

  8. Awesome. Look forward to the finished pictures. It's always nice to shake things up a bit at the home.


  9. Hey Smooch, it just occurred to me (pic #1): Your neck roll must be due to the collar, because, look at you, your figure is that of a two year old pup! (Enviable...) Now, smooth sailing with those projects! If the semi-strangers do a decent job, the result should be lovely.

  10. Smooch is the best guard dog! Next to my blind weiner dog Rosie. Since she went blind, her hearing is extra sharp...she can hear someone opening my driveway gate...which is about half a football field away from the couch she owns. (well maybe a quarter of a football field, now that I am trying to invision it) I can't wait to see the raised fireplace. And your covered entry way is going to look so pretty.

  11. The over-hang will look great! Poor Smooch will not be happy with strange men in the house. lol

  12. Poor Smooch..he might need a treat for all of his wonderful guard-dogging he's been doing. LOL!

  13. An American in Tokyo3/1/15, 8:23 PM

    Ooo, looking forward to seeing how everything turns out!!
    Hang in there, Smoochie-poo!