Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday leftovers

My Sunday posts are a place to dump all the leftover pictures from the week 
that didn't make it into one of the other posts.
This leftover of George purring while I'm rubbing the inside of his ear is all I've got, though,
because I wasted way too much energy on home decorating ideas instead of taking pictures.

I'll blame it on the new coffee table. I've been shopping for a new coffee table for four, 
maybe five years. Okay, maybe six. It's embarassing how long I can be paralyzed by indecision.
Poor Ethel has suffered through it all. I've emailed her pictures of options, she's emailed me pictures
of options, and I've opted to do nothing...until now. It finally dawned on me that I didn't really need 
a coffee table; what I needed was a comfy place to put my feet up while sitting in my favorite chair
or on the couch. And now I've got it. Done. Whew.

But in my world, one thing always leads to one more thing, and as I sat on the couch 
with my feet propped up on my comfy ottoman, looking at the wood stove 
sitting in the corner all lonely and sad, I acknowledged that it is the single most important feature
 in the whole house and it should have more of a presence...some gravitas indicative of its worth.

So I got this idea to raise it up off the floor and extend the stone wall and set it on a piece of slate
and add a stone mantel. Now if the contractor would just call me back with a price,
we can get this party started. But meanwhile, why not paint the dining room and kitchen?
Can you see the snowball rolling down the hill?

How many years will it take for me to select a color? None. 
I have a self-imposed deadline of seven days, which is the next time I will be out and about 
and near a paint store. I do my best work under pressure. 


  1. I am paralized by indecision with every purchase I make.. A TV or computer sends me into a tailspin, i spend hours reading reveiws and weighing pros and cons and prices. hubby is the opposite, he wants a TV he buys the first one he sees that is big enough, looks at the picture quality and says that one. and goes on. i purchase and then do the buyers remorse thing.

  2. Something to put the ol' feet on is absolutely essential in all living rooms. Your ottoman is a super solution! I bet Johnny CC will decide it's acceptable too. Hmmmm....painting walls, I'm about to start that myself, groan. I vote for the sand color in the middle of the middle sample in your photo (not that you asked, of course), unless you see too much sand as it is.

    P.S. George looks like he's gonna melt & fall down any second!

  3. Looking good! The single most fun way to spend a winter, IMHO. Jean

  4. Choosing colors is so hard and the problem is it looks different on the swatch than on the wall. I've brought home tons of little sample cans and had different paint patches all over my wall. Good luck and it is sooo rewarding when it is all done. I've been trying to pick drawer pulls for my kitchen for years and can't decide. If I wait much longer, it will be time for new cabinets! Can't wait to see it. Betsy

  5. Northern AB gal12/14/14, 6:52 AM

    I'm like Sandra; we are still watching a TV that is 20+ years old because I can't decide which is the best one to buy. About the time I decide on one, that model is no longer available and the research starts all over again, sigh. On a positive note, just think of all the money I've saved, haha.
    Love your ottoman, and with all those decorating ideas running through your head I see many entertaining blog posts in our future! Can't wait, it's like Christmas, lol.

  6. Ah yes. The snowball rolling down the hill. I don't usually concern myself too much because most times I'm in front of the thing and am squashed by its weight as it rolls over me.
    I wonder, if I lived alone, if I would be as ambitious as you are......

  7. Nice choice on the foot table. My input on the paint color is.....go with a warm tone. Hope I didn't confuse you more.

  8. Michelle from Vancouver12/14/14, 7:58 AM

    I'm in the " take way too long to make a decision " club ! Thankfully I'm married to a quick decider, he knows what he likes in an instant.....which drives in insane most of the time. Why can't I be like that?
    I do love they idea of raising the fireplace.

  9. Happy George and winter indoor projects! Love the new Not Coffee Table.

  10. It looks beautiful! Goes so well with the room. Just don't put the truck in the house to reach the ceiling :-O

  11. Love your idea to make the stove more of a focal point. You won't regret it. Love the ottoman..... and I'm with Janet, go with a warm color. Maybe even a bold color..... coral. I know, getting a little carried away.(o;

  12. You always make great decisions, so don't worry. I am pretty good about deciding if there are no more than five choices, however a place likeSubway overwhelms me

  13. Nice picture of your fish, which looks big now!

  14. An American in Tokyo12/14/14, 10:16 PM

    You are such a busy little bee! Although I really DO like your mantel idea!
    Looking forward to seeing your new paint job as well. =)