Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hanging out, watching Smooch dig a hole

When I am on the herd's side of the fence, hanging out with them, chances are good that 
Smooch is on her side of the fence, expressing her frustration in the only way she knows how:

Chances are also good that she'll kick dirt in the face of anyone who gets too close, 

so it's best to stay out of her way,

unless you are a curious burro who wants to know what might be at the bottom of the hole.

Alan is so curious that he starts digging from his side of the fence.

Smooch: I don't need your help. I'd rather do it myself.

Smooch: !@#$%^&*!@#4%

George and Alan got the message, even if they didn't understand exactly what Smooch was saying.

Alan: She might have said something about ass and hole. 
I don't speak dog. Maybe that's a good thing.


  1. Whatever is at the bottom of that hole must be pretty valuable!

  2. The last caption got me laughing. Thanks so much. BA SP

  3. Great laugh this morning. I guess it's Situation Normal at 7MSN. Aunt Jean

  4. I loved the shot of Smooch getting back to her hole. The indignation at being interrupted!

  5. Too funny! I always wonder when you put up pictures of Smooch digging--does she ever dig her way under her fence? Just curious.

    1. She never digs her way out, thank goodness. I really don't think she's trying to escape – she just can't resist the smells of the creatures who live underground. Also, the wire fence panels that surround her yard are buried about a foot deep below the surface.

  6. That's a pretty big hole...and a very neat one. Make sure you do a head count might be for Johnny

  7. Maybe the 7MSN Ranch is sitting on a treasure trove of truffles? Smooch will surely fine them with his find digging skills.

  8. Thanks for the great laugh at the translation of what Alan mistook for: "ass and hole". After all, that IS what Smooch was seeing...however at that point she sure had a dirty mouth!!!

    Oh, and thanks very much for the aerial photos ala JCC, but please be careful balancing on that fence! :)

  9. She is one amazing digging machine.

  10. did she ever succeed in making a tunnel?

  11. An American in Tokyo12/17/14, 8:33 PM

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Smooch is definitely a woman!
    And George and Alan are just typical guys, wondering what's going on...=D

  12. Does she ever get out of the patio by digging a hole? Man, she can sure shovel the dirt!

  13. You guys just make my day. That last shot was priceless!