Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The mountains in winter

It snowed a little Saturday night, which meant a Sunday morning photo op.
The equines were too busy eating to pose, so I had to make do with the subjects available.
This is Smooch's "listening to coyotes far off in the distance" face.

A cloud layer hid the northern mountain peaks. 
The photo above is the yin to the yang below.

I'm going to try to remember this location so I can take the same shot in all seasons and conditions. 
I need one of those Kodak Picture Spot signs to hang on the nearest cactus.

This view is looking west. The sun comes up first over there 
while my house is still in the shade of the eastern mesa.

Here is the sun coming up over the eastern mesa – 
it looks more like fire and smoke than sunlight and clouds.

Whenever I see a still-life picture like this, I feel compelled to add 
a quote in the empty space.


  1. I feel SO lucky that you love to take photos!!

  2. thank you for these photos. they were a piece of beauty that I needed right now. And as for the quote- in Canada you sometimes here people saying that but it's usually kids hoping for snow day. :) Possibly a few skiers as well. Horse people- not so much.

  3. Beautiful photos again. Love the "inspiration" on the last one!

  4. They are all beautiful photos.

  5. I had to keep going back and forth between those two photos. Would love to see every season from there.
    With the script you used in the last picture, I thought it was going to be a very profound. I was right. LOL

  6. Northern AB gal12/16/14, 6:31 AM

    Just beautiful! Up here that last photo would be perfect on a calendar for the months of November through March!

  7. Great photos, Linda. On my blog I did a video postcard sans snow (although Albuquerque did get an inch Saturday night). Happy Holidays!

  8. Very beautiful...all of them! Kodak picture spot...ha ha

  9. Absolutely lovely. It looks like the kind of day that while cold is still very walkable and photographable.

  10. Stunning photos! Hopefully you won't ever get snowed in. I love the quote. Speaking of snow....I mean rain, we have some awesome rain days we have not seen in years out here in the Sacramento Valley. I HAVE TO JUST SCREAM IT! YEARS!!!!!

  11. Really liked them all. Laughed at the last one. You've got more snow than we do here in Eastern Idaho. Weird.

  12. An American in Tokyo12/16/14, 5:38 PM

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful photos!!

    And that quote...just too funny!!

  13. LOL. Great quote.

  14. Can i buy the 2 or 3 one down from you? I'm making an 8x10 framed print for my Dad for christmas of his cat that died in July and a Native American poem. 1 of those will make a perfect background. jhixson@flgcorp.com if you would send it to me. Give me your address in the e-mail & i'll to send you a check or treats for the herd.