Thursday, December 18, 2014

Smooch issues a threat advisory

We had visitors Wednesday morning. I learned about them when I heard a stampede at the barn.
Hooves were pounding, feed tubs were getting knocked over, Smooch was barking like a maniac, 
and there was general chaos all around. By the time I looked out the right window, I saw 
a family of three coyotes standing quietly, looking back at Hank and deciding it was time to leave.

I went out to the barn to take attendance and all the chickens were present. 
When I opened the feed room door, Johnny was atop the hay stack, staring back at me. 
I believe these were his exact words: "Yes, I am aware that there are coyotes 
behind the barn. I'm not stupid."

Smooch, director of homeland security, immediately raised the threat level to orange 
for the remainder of the day...

...and her deputies backed her up.

Johnny monitored the pasture from a secure location.

Johnny: Stop worrying. We've got this.


  1. Johnny, you watch out for those coyotes! You are just the right size for a snack for them.

  2. Wile E. Coyote not welcome around these parts!

  3. I am glad they are not wolves. All the animals would end up in the house!

  4. OH MY... i am glad to see JCC is smart and knows to stay up high... tell them to stay on that orange alert

  5. Smooch's mohawk goes the whole distance of her. Yiks, she means business.

  6. Alexander (the Great)12/18/14, 6:29 AM

    You've got a terrific team!

  7. Coyotes. I have a love, hate relationship with them. I love to hear them howling (even though it is so eerie). I love that they keep the mouse population down. I hate that they go after chickens and cats. Around here they aren't afraid of people. they will sit right in the middle of the road and look at you.

  8. A small pack like that would be a danger to Smooch too. I hope you can convince them the chickens aren't worth their sticking around :(

  9. What a wonderful security team you have! The look Johnny Cash Cat gives you in the last image... pretty much sums it up.

    BTW, what ever happened to June Carter Cash?

  10. Watch out, they might be placing an order with Acme as we speak

  11. Every time I see a post about coyotes, I think of the day the Cuckoos chased a coyote down Justina and Don's road because it had attacked the turkeys next door to MBF. I will never forget the look on GK and Ry's faces as we took chase in my little orange car. They were sure that we would get the varmit. And a whole lot disappointed when the wiley one jumped up the embankment to the other side of the river.
    It's a good thing you have the whole security detachment at work at your place, I'm sure JCC sleeps more soundly at night knowing his herd has his back.

  12. oh good thing that all the critters assemble in warning you. so the chickens and Johnny Chéri will keep safe! and, by the way, what is this coyote wearing?

  13. Good thing Smooch is on patrol! I'm glad all are safe, especially the girls and Johnny Cat!
    Cheryl Ann

  14. Love that "Sheriff Smooch and her Posse" are alert and on the job -- no slackers here! lol Sure am glad that Sheriff Smooch doesn't try to jump fences and apprehend the trespassers on her own. Keep on keepin' on guys!