Friday, November 7, 2014

They done good

For two burros who don't get out much (as in never), George and Alan were on 
their best behavior yesterday for their bi-annual trip to the vet. They got their teeth floated, 
their ears de-ticked, and their boys parts cleaned. The trip was 100% uneventful, 
but that still doesn't mean I enjoyed it. I can't begin to explain the stress and anxiety I feel
hauling this precious cargo down the road from hell, then on to Albuquerque.
You'd have to see the size of the wine glass sitting next to me to believe me.

Maybe it was my whining, or my pleading, or my 15 years of being a loyal client who has 
helped put his children through college, but when I asked our vet for the umpteenth time today 
if he would come to us instead of me making the trek to Albuquerque for these annual physicals, 
he said, "I think we can make that work." It was like hearing angels singing. 
He has a big client in Belen now - a breeding farm - which he visits weekly during foaling season. 
He said he'd be willing to come visit us while he was in "the neighborhood." Oh Happy Day!


  1. Think of the wine you'll save! (for some other reason)

  2. It's probably the big client that did it, but I'd like to think that your financing of his offsprings' education had something to do with it....

  3. I think you should send your best pie to that Rancher in Belen!!!

  4. Sounds like a plan!
    Ask his staff (quietly) what he likes as a treat -- and have it waiting for him :).
    Nothing like a little 'reward' for the trip out to the ranch , and the scenery is included!

    M in NC

  5. fantastic news.. so happy for you

  6. The boys look great!

    Hooray for the visiting vet.


  7. Since i live smack dab in the middle of everywhere, the vet's always come to us. Your gonna love it! (Happy dance inserted here)
    Thank you Breeder Farm.

  8. Now if you could just get WalMart and Trader Joe's to deliver, you would never have to leave. :)

  9. What wonderful news! I think large animal vets should always make house calls or have an 'ambulance' service to offer. I have a friend who is a large animal vet, and he turned his truck into a 'clinic'. Think of the money he saves not having a conventional office! He does very well, and he loves the freedom from the burden from running/managing a building/office/staff. Smart cookie. Glad your boys made the trip and passed with flying colors on everything!

  10. As King Lear would say, "Ripeness is all." So happy for you that he will come to the ranch. And happy that Alan and George had a good report. Is the road from hell a private road, county, state? Seems it will need some shoring up regardless at some point.

  11. That's great news… especially considering how lovely your road is to travel! It must take you hours to navigate it with precious cargo in the trailer!
    Lucky equines!

  12. Oh happy Day indeed!

  13. Mercy...I suspect a 44 ouncer. I could not imagine that kind of stress. Taking my 13 pound weiner dog 5 miles to my vet is stress enough...wondering if she is going to be so nervous and give herself a stroke. Poor thing is blind and does not like strangers touching her head. But she always shocks me....I still need that glass of wine even if it is only 3pm. Happy weekend Carson, enjoy it as I enjoy almost 80 degree weather planting tulip bulbs....can you hear my heavy sigh?

  14. As he should ....vets travel all the time...well, at least they do around here .... in Australia, and, certainly in the country areas of England..... plus... you are quite a loyal, and I would bet, a 'big paying' customer.... you have a herd after all ...... great news!

  15. This is YOUR snow day...the vet agrees to come to the ranch!! Seems like he's figured it out that you really ARE going to stay around, after 15 years...and he's got his grand kids schooling to think about!! I'm really happy about this and I'm so proud of the "little men" being so well behaved.
    By the way, how long do their teeth float, didn't know they had dentures??? (Yes, I know what it really means!)

  16. I'm glad that this has worked itself out. Now, let me get this straight, you are driving down the highway, hauling two Donks, with a glass of red wine beside you? Cool!

  17. Although it's usually said to dogs, I'm gonna say ''who's a good boy'' x two! Glad all went well. Cheers!

  18. That is terrific news. Everytime I read that you are hauling some of your sweeties to town, I cringe too.
    Super news that the "boyz" did good. They probably thought you'd expect nothing more from them. Afterall, they do love their Momma.

  19. Oh, thank goodness! That IS wonderful news! It takes a LOT of stress of you, Carson! :-)
    Cheryl Ann
    Kitties are coming out for food now! :-) I guess they are getting used to me (my feral kittens!)

  20. I wonder what thappens when they do not behave? I remember one day at the vet with my cat: he let her roaming free. she was so stressed,that she vomited and urinated everywhere. I was totally desesperate, he said don't worry, I'll take care of that. Loved that vet.

  21. An American in Tokyo11/9/14, 5:05 PM

    OH YAY!!!! Yipee!!!
    Glad that your vet got a new, big client in your vicinity!!!
    Oh happy day!!!