Thursday, November 6, 2014

The leader of the pack

Sometimes when I've been chained to my desk all day and am in danger of not reaching 
my FitBit activity goal, I find myself in the corral, walking laps until my wristband buzzes 
to let me know I can go inside and watch TV with a clear conscience. While walking laps 
might sound boring, it's not ... because a few of my friends usually join me. 
I took this video last week, when muzzles were still on. I'd like to think that Lucy, George and Alan
came along because I am their leader and they will follow me anywhere, but it's more likely 
that they just wanted me to take their muzzles off. Anyway, I propped the camera on my shoulder 
and pointed it backwards so you could see the action.


  1. Ears are back, take off my mask. Great video, Carson.

  2. Maybe they think there are baby carrots at the end of the walk? Or extra butt scratches? Relaxed ears on all but George, who's trying to prove something or other. I never realized what a beautiful tail Johnny has! It's gorgeously subtle, if you can say that about a cat tail. He's lucky it's stuck onto him or it would be tempting to put it on a hat!

  3. my face hurts from smiling.. you and your whole family will be fit to the bone, even JC

  4. Your pack does not look like they are happy with you. They look rather annoyed. Please do it again, minus the muzzles, to see what they do!

  5. I loved your laps, and your friends.

    I do laps every day in my yard with my critters, two cats and a dog. Yesterday we did 1.9 km.


  6. They all looked a bit grumpy, except JCC...he looked worried.

  7. Where is that Hank? Oh I know, he is too cool...
    Great camera would have gotten everything but the kids.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth!

  8. Oh, those ears were back tight! Awesome music as usual. You have the best area to walk. Nice and private so to speak.

  9. Loved the pinned ears as they vie for the best spot. If you jog, will they jog too?

  10. I think Johnny is part lemur, the tail part. Not the fun walk they were expecting with treats and muzzles off. And Lucy seemed to be thinking that you could go for a ride with her if you would only take off the muzzle. Too cute.

  11. great music! great exercise, better than running on the streets' pavements! and on top all these donkeys following you, you are amazing! and courageous JCC came to join you, what a sweet cat. You're the Queen of the Corral!

  12. You and the gang never disappoint! Thank you for making us feel a part of the fun.

  13. An American in Tokyo11/6/14, 5:38 PM

    Boy, George sure looks like he was in a grumpy mood! Where is Hank?! Eating his little heart out??

    I would love to get exercise like that! Beats being in a gym anytime! =)
    If you start running, do they come running after you?