Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday encore ~ Minnie gets her feathers ruffled

Poor, pitiful Minnie. She's been so busy laying eggs that she postponed her annual molt until the last minute. 
I'm hoping all her new feathers will grow in before it gets much colder.

She's actually quite beautful when she's in fine feather...and not standing on her head eating a tomato.

Clara: You could have molted with the rest of us, but noooo...
you had to wait and grab all the attention for yourself.

Minnie: Go pluck yourself.

Minnie: If you want any more eggs from me, you'll put away that camera now.


  1. I look just like that after a bad haircut. BA SP

  2. That is a real stink-eye. I'll bet molting itches, don't you think?

  3. Go Pluck yourself! haha! Makes me laugh every time!

  4. You may have to knit her a little sweater for winter! Thanks for the laugh - especially the caption "Go pluck yourself!" :)

  5. I love Minnie! Very FUNNY!

  6. An American in Tokyo11/9/14, 5:03 PM

    "Go pluck yourself"!! Hahahahahahahaha!!
    You crack me up!!

  7. Ohhhh, Best. Quote. Ever!! I'll be using that one with my chicken friends and by that i mean my friend that has chickens. LOL