Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A reprieve for George and Alan

Monday night, I explained to George and Alan all about the big adventure they would have 
on Tuesday: how they would get to ride in the trailer, enjoy some meaningful social interaction,
maybe get a little buzzed. They saw right through my euphemisms for "going to the vet" 
and spent the night wishing and hoping that they wouldn't have to go.

And wouldn't you know it? Their wishes came true.

They got a snow day.

I wasn't about to take them anywhere in their icy chariot, so we rescheduled for Thursday.

October was unseasonably warm here, so we were all surprised by the rude change in temperature.
I had to fire up the woodstove last night for the first time since March.

Hibernation season has begun.
*heavy sigh*


  1. Smooch looks like she's pretty happy with this turn of events.

  2. Wow .. snow -- that's some reprieve! Our mountains got snow, but my area was just rainy & blustery. (We're back to temps around 70 until this wkend).

    Looks like Smooch found a comfy place to ride out the shorter days. Safe travels to you, George and Alan tomorrow!


  3. I agree with Smoochie girl.

  4. I know right???? The weather is insane, or outsane. Bundle up.

  5. Snow? Do you usually get snow at this time of year? I can't remember seeing snow in early November in your posts.

    Linda D.

  6. I'm sure the boys enjoyed their snow day. And Smooch looks so lovely in that chair.

  7. What the hell?? 70 degrees here....

  8. And here I start again about the crappy weather we have here in California....I cannot wait to retire where there are real seasons, all four of them.
    It will be 76 this weekend. So, while everyone has their snow and rain days, we will remain cloud free for the next decade. Uggh. Glad you got your snow day though...I am just jealous of everyone's weather.

  9. Get out! Snow??!!
    Well, I guess I can sort of relate - after an amazingly dry and hot summer and early fall here (it hit 90 degrees in October 6th!!) - we are now mired in mud and drenched from almost constant, soaking rains. Time to get cozy....Smooch has a head start on us! :-)

  10. Your snowy weather brought us some much needed rain. It's an amazing weather front (Mexico to Canada), but sucky for you nonetheless. I hope the temps warm up for a sunny trip to the vet tomorrow.

  11. Smooch looks SOOOO cosy! I wanna cuddle up beside her!

  12. November is the rainiest month in the Pacific Northwest. I can tolerate about five inches before I start thinking about our winter place in Arizona. We've got the five inches already, and I'm planning our escape.

  13. An American in Tokyo11/5/14, 6:26 PM

    I guess I'll have to wait another day to hear about Alan and George's trailer adventure!
    That is, if it doesn't snow more.

    Must be nice (for Smoochie) to have the woodstove going. She looks sooooooo content! =)

  14. Snow fell in Minniesnowda today. Hoping it will be gone with tomorrow's sunshine!

    Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  15. You need a vet that does house calls!

  16. At least you have seasons. Here in our desert, it is either a horrible summer or a freezing winter...not much in between! Ugh. I'm getting to the point I can't take the summers much longer.
    Yes, don't you have a mobile vet in your area? SOMEWHERE???
    Cheryl Ann