Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday leftovers

 Reason #237 why I love Lucy: When a couple of horses show up out of the blue 
and charge the fence line and scare the hell out of me because I think they're going to jump over it,
Lucy doesn't bolt or buck or otherwise do anything silly.

 Had I been riding one of my horses in a similar situation, all hell likely would have broken loose.

Yes, Hank, I'm referring to you. He was quite the ride in his youth.

 All of us found ourselves napping and yawning and stretching at all the wrong times this week.
A few more days and maybe I'll stop looking at the clock and thinking, 
"it's 8:30, but that means it's really 9:30, so isn't it time to go to bed?"

 Alan's been a little off since his vet visit on Thursday, so we've all been keeping an eye out on him.

 He always has a reaction to vaccines, and this time it was no different. 
I'm sure he'll be back to his normal wacky self in a day or two.

 Smooch got to go on the Saturday errand run for the second week in a row. We had to make a stop 
in Mountainair yesterday, which meant going out the other way to the highway...

 ...over the condemned bridge. The guardrail is almost gone, and it's just a matter of time
before somebody drives off the side.

Don't worry, Smooch. It won't be us.


  1. smooch you are in good hands, drivers hands i mean. so that is what a creek looks like in the desert.. no water... those 2 scarey horses are really handsome. good girl Lucy

  2. beautiful horses by the way. are they wild? Smooch is reading your thoughts

  3. I vote lasso those horses and keep them. They are beautiful! Lucy and the gang would have them trained in no time.

  4. Well, NO, of course it won't be you. Not with Smooch keeping an eye out like that!

  5. if it's 8:30 that means it's REALLY 8:30. Remember Daylight Savings is the UNREAL time. And those are gorgeous horses. Are they new to the neighborhood?

    1. We've never seen these horses before, but the ranch north of us is so big that it's possible that they just haven't mosied down to their south fence line while we've been in the area.

  6. Love Lucy's sense of self. Wish you had better roads. Love the pictures. We are straining to adjust to the time/light changes too.

  7. a little off topic for today, but since you're the first place i've even HEARD of a fogbow, wanted to share. John Well's just had one out near Terlingua. I think they must be magical and a good luck sign.

  8. Lucy sounds both smart and calm, even in a sudden situation. Careful driving over that bridge, friend.

  9. An American in Tokyo11/9/14, 5:01 PM

    Wow, it seems like your ranch has been a bit busy these days! I hope things calm down by the time Alan is back to his normal self! =)