Monday, March 11, 2013

Who's yo mama?

We rejoin yesterday's story, where Smooch and I were on the rougher and rockier road to Walmart
and Little Brown Cow was photo-bombing all my pictures.

Clearly Little Brown Cow is a media whore...

but she has a lot to learn from this gal, who knows how to pose
and could melt the lens with her penetrating gaze.

I was so preoccupied with making the big girl look her best...

...that I failed to notice her daughter walking into the picture.

Little Brown Cow: Love you, mom.

Big Horned Cow: I love you, too, darlin', even though you look like your father
and didn't inherit my horns.

I'm not a cow person, but these two had me at hello. Then Smooch reminded me 
that cattle rustling was a hanging offense in New Mexico and we'd best get on our way.

Only one more obstacle now between us and the highway...the condemned bridge.

About five years ago, I learned that the state department of transportation had condemned this bridge.
Unsure of what that meant exactly, I called them and the conversation went something like this:
Me: Why is the bridge condemned?
State DOT: It's not safe.
Me: Will the bridge be closed?
State DOT: No.
Me: Will the bridge be fixed?
State DOT: We don't have the money.
Me: Will you put up a sign warning people that the bridge is condemned?
State DOT: No.
Me: How will people know that the bridge is not safe?
State DOT: By looking at it?
Me: You got that right.

Somebody recently installed a 10' piece of 2" x 6" on one section of the railing. Like that's going to help?

I would have taken more pictures, but I didn't want to press my luck. 
Going to Walmart on Saturday is dangerous enough without having to worry about a bridge collapse.


  1. I didn't realize that what is joyfully known in my family as Edge Terror could be induced by a photograph, too! I actually put my hand on the edge of my chair.

  2. Lovin' Little Brown Cow a whole lot. Mama cow kinda freaks me out with her stare/massive horns. The bridge ... totally scary! Ugh!

  3. Estella from Co.3/11/13, 7:36 AM

    Love the cow pictures, as for the bridge I can see the writing on the wall with one really good storm...better hope you're on the right side of the bridge when it goes out. Have a wonderful day and hugs all the way around.

  4. oh my on the bridge conversation, those cows are magnificent and if i were there i might still be sitting there taking photos. great shots, all of them.

  5. Michelle from BC3/11/13, 7:59 AM

    Linda, I bet your Mom is going to tell you to stay off that bridge too!!! Yikes, that's scary looking.

  6. Is that condemned bridge the only route to town you have? If so, you might be having to ride Lucy to get to town someday.....

  7. No Way Bridge seems like a proper name for it. Obviously you chose to drive it in good weather.

    Mama cow rocks. Smooch on the job as always.

  8. oh the cow photos are precious. Momma's a big old thing isn't she and the baby nuzzling her is just darling.
    Who knew a trip to Wally World would hold such pathos and drama as well as terror inducing pangs. Wow, you do have it all out there in the middle of nowhere. Good thing you and Smooch have each other for comfort and support. Happy Trials er Trails. Oma Linda

  9. I was hoping this was little brown cow's mama. They are both beauties.

    That is one scary bridge. Guess it doesn't get enough traffic to be high on the fix list. What a view!

  10. I hope you have a detour! That looks like a long way down. This is the problem when the state has no money in the budget - rural communities get the shaft.

  11. Love your cow and baby photos. The captions are perfect!

  12. For a moment I was certain you had photoshopped that little one into the picture. It is so clear and sharp. I guess it is that clean New Mexico air.
    That bridge looks perfectly fine to me. Who needs a stinking guardrail?

  13. Oh, my life is so boring! If I want to go to Wal-Mart, I hop a bus , deposit my money, and we are there in no time flat. No cows, no calves, no shakey bridge, nothing threatening at all. Just life in small town America. Well, maybe a few threats .. .

    Jo in MN

  14. It appears to me that things haven't changed much in New Mexico in the last couple hundred years. The bridge is still holding enough water to keep puddles so maybe it isn't reeeeeallly unsafe?

    Love the mama/baby murmurings.

  15. I love your cows photos!! Well I DL them to get inspiration for my artwork. That big cow is very unusual looking, but she's really gorgeous! The baby it's also beautiful! Tender love between them, just like mama and baby