Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday encore ~ Johnny's new happy place

It was Sunday morning. We were all in the barn trying to stay out of the melting snow and mud.
JohnnyCashCat sensed that everyone was pretty mellow and came out of the feed room to join us. 
I picked him up and held him across my shoulder as I was scratching George's butt with my other hand.
Johnny got bored after awhile and took a little walk...

....out of my arms and right across George's back.

George had long ago taught Deets to ride bareback and didn't seem to mind his new passenger.

Johnny was surprisingly calm when Alan got up in his face.

No words were exchanged that I could hear, but Johnny must have muttered something to get Alan to back off.

Judging by how loudly Johnny was purring, I figured he'd ride along for as long as George would let him.

Me: If you're going to sit up there, let me show you the proper technique for burro butt scratching.

Johnny's a fast learner.

He also figured out a very clever way to dismount. I'll save those pictures for tomorrow.

 Me: Hey, Johnny, look over here for a second.

 Johnny: What are you laughing at?


  1. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for sharing these pictures. Johnny's rabbit ears made me laugh.


  2. Those last two never fail to make me laugh.

  3. Oh, how funny! Let me count the ways .. oh, wait; I don't have that many fingers. :- /

    Love seeing the commarderie that all your animals (aka, pets, aka, 4-footed family!) have .. must be your strong connection with and love for all of them.

    Hope the snow continues to melt and that all of you have a splendid weekend!


  4. Haha. Those are the cutest pics! Love the one of the two of them looking face to face!

  5. This is amazing, he is so smart! And the ears are so funny! He looks a bit like our Simba. I can't wait to see tomorrow!

  6. Love the calm, and of course the double ears :)

  7. This is so cute and so funny! Love them ears Johnny! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. THat's a nice thanksgiving!

  9. I'm all ears! Great photos tell a wonderful story. JCC is definitely a fast learner or a copy cat. BA SP

  10. So adorable love my visits here,

  11. I love this blog! Thanks for sharinhg your lives with us.

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