Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday encore ~ Down the trail with Johnny and George

 Johnny: Please don't leave me. What happens when I want to get down?

 Me: I'm sure you'll figure out something.

When I saw the gears in Johnny's brain engage, I moved to the other side of the stall 
to catch the action...and George's reaction.

 George: This butt warmer/scratcher combo thing is a pretty good idea. Let's market them and get rich.

 Johnny: I think that's enough miles for one day.

George: Wait! Now my butt's going to get cold.

Johnny: Hope I'm not sore tomorrow. Maybe I should try a saddle next time.

Me: Don't look so worried, George. I'm sure your riding buddy will be back soon.


  1. keep these coming... i just love it love it love it

  2. Maybe they could go riding with you and Lucy.

  3. Love that he doesn't if that was Alan.....

  4. 2 happy critters who make happy readers!

  5. Brilliant. Johnny is such a gorgeous moggy & love the expressions on George's face. Priceless!

  6. For some reason I want to call these two Johnny and June : ) George is on to something with the marketing idea.

  7. An American in Tokyo12/4/14, 5:08 PM

    I love, love that picture of JCC! The one you use at the top of your blog! =)

    (By the way, now you got me in the mood for peppermints! I'll have to figure out if they even sell them here...)