Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday leftovers

It's beginning to feel a bit like autumn here, in that the weather can't make up its mind what to do.

Some days, it's so hot that we all seek relief in the shade...

...wherever that might be.

Other days, a big, noisy thunderstorm will move through, scaring everybody so badly...

...that even enemies will seek the solace of each other's company.

These beauties popped up in the back yard. 
We didn't eat them, but they sure were interesting to look at.

Here's a picture for scale – they're about a half a foot tall.

Look closely and you will see what else also popped up in the back yard.
After a summer of no snakes at all, we were two for two on Thursday and Friday, 
and both were rattlers.

Here's rattler #1, just prior to his release.

I'll offer the following brief video as a public service 
to those of you who may have never heard what a rattlesnake sounds like:

I love it when I find leftovers on the memory card that I've completely forgotten about.


  1. my first ever hearing of a rattle snake and i must say i hope i never meet one.... love that chicken shot

  2. gorgeous mushrooms! seem so palatable. did you know that in order to grow white mushroom you need horse manure? the sound of this snake is quite strident! don't they jump these beasts? I am always fearing for JCC security when you show snakes in your garden.

  3. I have beautiful mushrooms coming up in my manure pile. Not that big though!
    We know from experience that the sound of a rattler is like no other in the world. I'm so glad Smooch is on duty. I think the constant weather changes that you're having is bringing them up. I know I see more snakes near the house when the first couple cool nights finally come. I think they are seeking the warmth of the concrete.
    Love the shot of you and Lucy!

  4. You are very brave.

  5. Mushrooms look like Shaggy Manes (?). Best to never eat any 'shrooms unless you know and if possible, to test. Love the pictures and commentary

  6. Great picture of you and Lucy! And thanks for the rattles, i've never heard that before (and hope this is the closest I get!)

  7. Love the last photo especially. The rattlesnake sounds like an old kitchen timer but looks very scary.

  8. The girls and the picture of you and Lucy are two great pictures. I was just wondering the other day if you've seen any rattlers. We had a mom and 2 baby bobcats playing in our yard the other night. So cool to watch.

  9. That rattle gave me goosebumps. Very creepy!

  10. Giant mushrooms! It's almost like being in Oregon. With all your moisture, next you'll be posting pictures of huge, nasty SLUGS!!
    Wonderful pictures, as always... and I agree with everyone today: the last picture is wonderful.
    :-) :-)

  11. Loves these photos, especially of the one of you and both look so happy. Rattlers are just testing you and don't want you to get too comfortable. Glad you release them. I haven't seen any this year and I too am hoping it stays that way. Betsy

  12. mushrooms are quite spectacular and not the ordinary fare in these parts. I was wishing I could borrow your chickens today as we were destructing our failed straw bale garden attempt. We found baby mice, ick, blech, oh hell's to the no. But the turtles proved their worthiness in a pinch and did due dilagence with the rodent invasion.
    I love the photo with you sitting atop Ms. Lucy. Wonderful. Oma and the Cuckoos

  13. An American in Tokyo9/28/14, 6:45 PM

    I never heard a rattlesnake before!! That is one sound I would hope not to hear in real life!!
    I don't know how you are so brave to go and release them back into the wild, wild west!
    (I guess you have to if you don't want to end up with them in your house...)

    That last picture is great!!

    Bye Smoochie-poo!! Bye bye!! Oh...nevermind...ha ha!!

  14. Quite the experience to hear a rattlesnake trying to protect itself. The tail beats back and forth so quickly. At least they give you a warning before they strike. We have them here in the north called Mississauga rattlers. I've haven't run across one as yet. I often wonder what is in the tail to make it rattle like that. I'll look that one up. BA SP

  15. You are a brave woman, woman! I was so hoping not to see any posts about any of your friends that slither around your property. This is when I would get a shotgun and blow them to smithereens...not cart them gently away and pray they don't return. I love the last picture!