Monday, July 21, 2014

The Hay Man, the Cowboy and the Turtle

In all my excitement and relief over last week's hay delivery, I've been remiss in sharing this little story from the day. 
It makes me laugh every time I think about it.

So the Hay Man backs up his rig right next to the hay barn. The Cowboy he brought along to help unload
climbs down from the cab. Introductions were made and a few pleasantries exchanged, 
then Cowboy asks me, "So, do you see turtles around here often?"

I laughed and knew right away what had happened. "You must have seen Turtle Steve," I said.

 Cowboy explained that he and Hay Man got out of the truck to look at him, 
then picked him up and moved him out of the middle of the road.

Turtle Steve's not that big, so I was very impressed that Hay Man and Cowboy recognized him for what he was 
(a less observant driver might have thought him a rock or a pile of cow poop), let alone moved him out of harm's way. 
Apparently Hay Man's wife has a couple of large tortoises so he was attuned to slow-moving round objects in the road. 

Anyway, it was a lucky day for Turtle Steve, and for me. Between this story and a full hay barn, I'm still smiling.

Add to that, a surprise in my mailbox. When I went to town this weekend, I stopped to pick up my mail
and found a small package. I couldn't remember ordering anything so I was anxious to open it 
and see what I had bought and forgotten about.

I laughed all the way to town. Thank you, mysterious benefactor – you know me too well.


  1. My father had one just like that for under our barbecue so we kids could get into the house. He had another one in an undisclosed location so HE could get in when we forgot to put the key back. I was thinking you might want to have an extra set of truck keys in the barn or maybe ten sets. Depends on how well you learn your lessons!

  2. this might be your greatest gift ever received...put one on your truck and one somewhere outside your house... love the turtle story

  3. With the internet, the Village has no borders. Those are some good stories!

  4. if you get time read this hilarious cat story, it reminds me of your stories and JC is like Carl.

  5. I love that the hay man and the cowboy stopped and moved Turtle Steve. Yesterday I saw a whole line of cars brought to a standstill by one small quail running back and forth on the road.
    By the way, re those magnetic boxes. If you put it on your truck, be sure to add a twist of wire to hold it on. On bumpy dusty roads like yours, they do have a tendency to drop off when enough dust works its way between the back of the box and the piece to which it is stuck.

  6. Wow! Hay,a Turtle Steve sighting (and not a Turtle Steve smooshing) and a present all in one week! The Gods were smiling down on you last week.

  7. I adore Turtle Steve. Happy Monday!

  8. Yay, a Turtle Steve sighting, saving and a good pay it forward gift. Happy all the way around.

  9. And in the fed room LOL. I know that problem is solved. :-)
    Hay Man and Cowboy are probably still laughing because you know Turtle Steve by name! LOL

  10. that is a nice and sweet story, we love stories like that

  11. An American in Tokyo7/21/14, 6:03 PM

    Yay, another good day for you and for Turtle Steve! ;)

  12. Steve's lucky day, and a mysterious package for you.

  13. Oh, good! Now you won't get locked out of your house OR your truck! Nice that the men moved the turtle, too! A good day!
    Cheryl Ann

  14. This is the first time in nearly two weeks that I've been able to check in. I'd completely forgotten that I sent you the magnetic key keeper.
    The way the truck bumps and sways on your road, you ought to put it up under the rim of the bed instead of under the hood (where mine is)--that way if it jiggles loose, you won't lose it. :)

  15. I need to find something like that for hiding a key for my friends house. She locked herself out while still in her nightie and no undies. LOL
    I think I might put her story on my next blog. No names of course. Must protect the innocent. LOL