Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday leftovers

A collection of images left in the camera from the previous week. 

Barn swallows are building a new nest outside my bedroom window...

...and swarms of tarantula hawk wasps are chewing on the chamisa.

Someone is drinking all the water I'm putting out for Mama and Junior, but it's impossible to know who.
Surely Johnny can't be that thirsty. The tub holds 15 gallons, which I refill each evening
when Smooch and I head out to check on the herd.

We also use that opportunity to stalk Mama and Junior.

I took this picture Saturday morning. Mama's chest wound seems to look better.
I'm not going to show you the new picture of her leg wound. 
It's getting worse, and she's having a harder time getting around.
Nature's in charge and I'm not going to intervene, not that I even could.
This picture was taken from about 50 feet away, I think.
If I got one step closer she would run, or try to anyway.
My gut tells me she may not survive but she's doing her best to hang on until Junior is old enough to go off on his own.

There are plenty of other pronghorns passing through, and he'll have no trouble finding a herd to join.
I just hope it's not any time soon.


  1. Have considered a game camera? I got one for Christmas and it is amazing how active my water tub is both day and night.

  2. Kruger National Park in South Africa does not intervene with sick animals. They let nature take it's natural course.
    We have a wish that all would be perfect in nature but alas it is not to be.
    She has a nice place to rest and her baby looks healthy and will run off to be with his natural family
    one day. Thanks for the pics, Carson

  3. We had the opportunity to use one of them to check for coyote activity. The only action it shot was me and my kids tending the flock! That was good news. Maybe, though, you DON'T want to know who is prowling around out there at night...

  4. I think mama and jr's herd is stopping by at night for a drink.

  5. A game camera could be really interesting.
    That barn swallow picture is fantastic. :)
    Poor mama pronghorn. Hopefully junior makes it after nature has taken its course.

  6. I doubt you could do much if you wished to intervene. How sad Nature can be, heroic at the same time. Maybe you have an elephant herd hiding in the bushes & coming out to drink at night??? Now, that would make some knockout photos! Yours of the swallows is just gorgeous.

    I'm not even gonna ask what a tarantula (shudder) hawk wasp is. Never heard of them & want to keep it that way.

  7. That shot of the tarantula hawk wasp is amazing - and scary! So sorry to hear mama's leg wound appears to be worsening. Here's hoping it will magically turn around and begin to heal.

  8. These leftover posts are becoming my favorites! I'm glad you didn't have to wait to share that photo of the swallows.

  9. Are those binoculars around Smooches neck? How on earth can she use them without opposable thumbs? =o)

  10. Great post. always read your post but seldom find time to respond. Know I always enjoy them!

  11. Can you find a local wildlife rescue organization that could come out and assess Mama's leg and possibly provide some medicinal support?

  12. I can't tell you how much I look forward to seeing your blog every day. New Mexico scenery, your captions of the animals, the animals, simple stories - it's a happy and peaceful part of my day.

  13. You crack me up funny lady. Smooch w/ binoculars!
    Have you ever shared what camera/lens you use? You have great talent!
    The last pic is gorgeous. Those eyes!!

  14. oh the bambi is so cute! these big sweet eyes!

  15. What about leaving outside some food complement or vitamins for the mama?

  16. Smooch gets to be a pack animal too, at least for binoculars. Great leftovers. Sorry about momma pronghorn.

  17. Ouuu , yes, trail cam. Maybe June is stopping for a drink?

  18. An American in Tokyo7/21/14, 6:07 PM

    I love your Sunday Leftovers!!
    Smoochie has her own binos!! hee hee...
    Mama Pronghorn really found a good place to keep Junior safe. I'm glad that they have you!
    How about putting some liquid vitamins in their water for Mama? Couldn't hurt, could it?