Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday encore ~ Honk your horn if you love wild animals

The post below is from November 2010 and seemed an appropriate encore for today. 


Me: So, Snapper, what do you think of our new sculpture?
Snapper: I suppose it's ok if you're into that sort of thing.

And I'm definitely into that sort of thing, where thing equals found object
Our new sculpture is actually a Pronghorn horn. 
I found it right in the middle of the path as Smooch and I walked around the fenceline.

Buck photo courtesy of Arizona Game and Fish

Here are some fun facts about the Pronghorn that roam the range around the 7MSN:
•  The Pronghorn is the only animal in the world with branched horns (not antlers) and the only animal to shed its horns, as if they were antlers. The horn is a hollow sheath over a bony core that rises from the skull just above the eye. A buck's horns are up to 15 inches long. Each has a distinctive prong on the front, which gives the species its name.
• Pronghorn are found only on the plains and grasslands of North America.
• The Pronghorn is the fastest land mammal in the world.  It can sprint as fast as 60 mph and can sustain a speed of 30 mph for miles.
• A Pronghorn herd travels as one, not leaving a single animal open to attack. The herd runs in perfect unison in a very tight, oval-shaped formation, much like a flock of birds.
• Pronghorn cannot leap fences, as deer can, so they crawl under fences instead.

Can I just say that my heart skips a beat every time I see a Pronghorn? I'll stop whatever it is I'm doing and just watch (and take pictures, if I'm lucky enough to be wearing my camera). It's a privilege to see something so wild and beautiful, and I will never tire of it.

Smooch: No way, no how am I posing with that thing on my head.

Clearly, Smooch and I do not have the same taste when it comes to art. We found this horn several weeks ago
and I've been meaning to show it to you. I had forgotten all about it until yesterday afternoon, 
when I looked out the living room window and noticed George and Alan chasing something across the pasture:

p.s. Don't worry...George and Alan do not chase Mama and Junior.
In fact, I spotted everybody (Hank, George, Alan, Lucy, Mama, Junior and Baby Daddy)
grazing together Friday morning.


  1. I love everything about this post! Especially the pronghorn family's names!

  2. Lucy and the boys have a barn. Wynona has a palace. The chicks have a cool coop. JCC has...well, his choice of shelter. Smooch DEFINITELY has a roof over her head. Maybe if the new family sticks around....??

  3. love the smooch look and did not know any of this info about the pronghorn... so beautiful to

  4. That they protect each herd member so carefully makes me wonder what Mama & Baby's story is. There must be an instinct to drop out if you are sick or injured enough to slow the rest down & expose them to predators. Or they kick out compromised herd members as wolves do. Once Mama is healed, I hope she can find her extended family again! It's just magic that Baby Daddy stays with them too! I love that. Maybe they will become permanent 7MSN residents -- I'm grinning from ear to ear picturing Lucy & the boys grazing with them. Animal Kingdom, anyone?

  5. Scary to think what got a hold of Mama.

  6. They know they have found safe haven.

  7. Love hearing that Mama, Junior and Daddy are still hanging around and doing well! Your's is a safe heaven, indeed, and they must know that about you and your herd. Hope everyone, both two and 4-footed, has a good weekend.


  8. Love the sculpture. For all of Smooch's qualities,she ends up being a bit of an art snob. Who knew?

  9. It is interesting to see that the pronghorn antler is hollow and to hear that they crawl under fences. It must be hard to do that with those antlers. How is Mama doing? I was just wondering if her injuries are healing OK. I love seeing how all the animals are getting along so well.

    Linda D.

  10. An American in Tokyo7/21/14, 6:44 PM

    Oh, Baby Daddy is watching over the two in your care? That's good to know.
    Maybe he's the one drinking all the water! ha ha!