Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stinkin' hot

When I looked out the window yesterday afternoon and saw the scene above, I deduced the following:
1. It's stinkin' hot outside (it's stinkin' hot inside, too, because mice ate 
the air conditioning wiring for the third time but that's not the point of this story).
2. Hank is so hot, he's got his drooly face on.
3. A shady spot in the barn with nothing to eat is better than a sunny spot in the pasture with something to eat.
4. Mrs. Hughes is pecking at Wynonna's skin, damnit. I was hoping she wouldn't learn that behavior.
5. Wynonna had been rooting in the dirt, looking for a cooler place to nap.
6. She gave up on that idea and planted herself next to the water tub, 
knowing if she waited long enough, I would get the hint that she needed to get wet.

 I was more than happy to oblige.

 You'll have to take my word for it that she turned around so I could get both sides. 


  1. Hmmm, sounds like the rodents are outwitting JC. It may be time to get some of those block baits and place INSIDE the AC housing in the hopes that they prove more tempting than the plastic sheathing on the wires. Since electricity is involved, you probably cannot use steel wool around the wires / unit. How do other folks deal with this problem?

    How do mice/rats deal with hot-sauced plastic?

    M in NC
    .... dealing with a small deer problem in the veggie garden ... but at least the AC is working!

  2. Great deductive skills there Carson! I think I'll need someone to spray me with a hose after I come in from this morning's chores. How come we've got your New Mexico heat WAY up here in Ontario, Canada? ;)

  3. we are in a heat wave here in FL having broken highs for the month of June... W really loves that water, i can tell.

  4. I'm a relic with no real computer skills except for searching/reading/buying things. I tell you that because I don't know how to put a 'link' to anything...but there is a fan, get ready...it's called 'big ass fan'...that's around eight (8) feet in diameter...which is, my guess, a perfect size for the barn! you could put up some solar panels to run the darn thing, and voila, a constant breeze for all the babies and you!

    If we could only capture 'heat'! We could air condition the whole planet. It is beyond hot. I feel like Hank.

  5. Aww, Wynonna, so funny. Damn meeces! I know you will come up with a solution for them

  6. Snap traps for the area around the air conditioner! Damned rodents!!
    Glad Wy is smart enough to know a good thing when she feels it. My neighbor's pig thinks the water coming out of the hose is a bit too chilly.

  7. I'm guessing it is not possible to make a mud wallow for Wynonna where you live? What we use for some of the pigs at the sanctuary are plastic kiddie pools - the cheap hard plastic ones that run about $10 each and are about 10" high. We usually cut down the side a little in one place to about 6" high (by 15-20" wide) to make it easier for larger, older potbellied piggies to step in, but the more agile ones can clamber over the side with no problem. Fill with a few inches of water, toss in some pieces of piggy's favourite treat (we use pieces of apple) the first few times to teach her to walk into it, and presto - happy pig is soon enjoying her personal pool. And with the dust coming off the skin, it soon becomes a wallow. :).

  8. I wish someone was here and spraying me off. It was 108 here yesterday. OMG. I feel your pain. This is probably a stupid question: Do the donkeys and horse like to be sprayed off when it is hot?

  9. Lucky Wynona.

  10. try lavender oil sprayed on the cables, it is a repellent for some animals, maybe mice too