Monday, June 30, 2014

Edith's great escape

Our story begins early Sunday morning. I had just let Smooch outside and 
was looking out the window at the barn, taking attendance while brushing my teeth. 

"Shhttt," I said, through a mouthful of toothpaste.

Edith had flown the coop and was running amok with the equines.
I dropped my toothbrush and headed outside to rescue her.
The camera was right by the door and jumped into my hand.
I will spare you the stickfigure drawing – you'll just have to imagine the pictures below
being taken by a bed-headed, bleary-eyed lunatic wearing nothing but 
a t-shirt, underwear and flip-flops. I'll apologize now if you can't unsee that.

Edith and Lady Mary were running back and forth along the fence on opposite sides.
Alan was shielding his eyes. I hope he isn't scarred for life.

Edith stared at her destination; Lucy stared at me.

Poor Edith couldn't figure out how to get out of the corral.

Me: Fyy, Eth, fyy!

She couldn't understand me through the mouthful of toothpaste, and why I didn't just spit it out, Lord only knows.
It seemed so unladylike ... said the half-naked picture-taking lunatic herding a chicken.

Lucy, George and Alan conferred and decided it was more fun to watch the drama unfold
than to do harm to Edith.

George and Lucy laughed watched while Edith tried to squeeze through the fence.
Why she didn't fly back over the way she came remains a mystery. She had lost her head at this point.

She ran southward through the corral and I followed along, 
trying to turn her back before she reached the road.

She finally made a u turn behind the barn, and I was able to herd her through a stall and back to her yard.

Edith: Would you please go put some clothes on now?


  1. Shaky, shaky, shaky. That is the sound grain makes in the bottom of a plastic container. In your free time, chicken training is a thought. My birds would practically jump on me when I shook the grain. It only takes a time or two. They don't call them bird brains for nothing.

  2. I sing "Girls, oh Giir-ills, Gggiirrllllls..." and they come running to see what I might have :-D.

  3. Love that second last picture where Edith is 'high stepping' it! ;)

  4. Reminds me of the bright moonlit night our neighbor was roused from a deep sleep by the squawking and honking frenzy of his flock of geese. He could be seen herding the geese back to their pen while dressed in his sleeping attire, his birthday suit.

    Glad you had your t-shirt, underwear, and flip flops!


  5. Did you look up and see Google's satellite camera going over per chance?

  6. she is a discoverer! she wants to be with the guys, I think she has a crunch on Hank, I would do the same

  7. Oh my gosh, this is hysterical...And the comments from the bloggyville group
    are hysterical as well...This is a highlight of my mornings, as I Iead a very boring
    life...Except for this morning while I was in the bathroom getting ready to brush my teeth,
    one of my cats bit my big toe to get my attention that there was no food in their dish for
    breakfast....Dang that bite hurt my toe...
    Love from NC

  8. Thanks for a super laugh at this escapade!! "Fyy, Eth, Fyy" had me ROFLMAO!! And, not to worry, for I too have rushed out of the house first thing in the morning to save a critter from a misshap...except that these times have happened back when I lived in the city. My poor neighbors. Oh, and I loved that pic of Edith high stepping through the Gypsum Bath behind the barn :-) Note to you: she'll remember that and want to return for a good roll in the dust.

  9. Ha ha...George and Lucy were laughing! I pictured all of this in my mind, with no problem :-)
    Such too Carse

  10. Right now I am slowing acclimating my young chickens into the older girls coop. Oh, the conversations we have. I will have no bullying, no hen pecking... and I may have even banished a mean old hen or two for half a day when caught in the act of bullying. I have not tried it with a mouth full of toothpaste though. :-)

  11. Yes, what Barb said! My chickens always come running when I call because there are snacks involved. It only takes a few times of rattling a can full of dried beans with a reward of something wonderful (watermelon? overripe peach? dried mealworms?) to teach them to "come" when they are called.
    Interesting that Edith is just as adventurous and just as dippy as our fictional friend, Lady Edith.

  12. I think I'd be running from you, too. ;o) Poor Edith. Perhaps she can finally put the question to rest of why the chicken crossed the road - although, she didn't make that far, did she?

  13. An American in Tokyo6/30/14, 5:53 PM

    Omigosh! Good thing Edith is alright!
    What a stressful adventure for you and Edith both! ;)

  14. LOL! Those white Leghorns can be flighty. She might need a bit of a trim of one wing if she isn't to get into the habit of this and find herself someone's breakfast. I like my fat, fluffy, black Australorps. No chance of them flying over anything! :)

  15. don't know if my first comment actually went through... but somehow I missed this yesterday (a little someone I know gets to my ipad before I do in the morning) but I needed the laugh today! TFF!!