Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hanging out with the herd and Tony Soprano

Imagine my delight when I discovered the wi-fi signal reaches the barn.

 I can hang out with my friends, stay cool and binge-watch The Sopranos at the same time.

Alan: A bigger screen might be nice so we could all watch.


  1. How do they act? Do they recognize the device as doing something?

    1. They had a mild freakout the first time they herd strange voices coming from my chair but are oblivious to it now.

  2. Love the pink shoes and socks. Johnny Cash Cat might like to watch movies of cats.
    Not sure if horses or donkeys can see the TV screens.

  3. Allen might be marveling at your neon pink socks. LOL
    Sopranos was a great HBO series. Tony was such a nice bad guy, if that makes sense.

  4. finding the limit of wifi range - perfect :)

  5. Alan is right. 100" big screen with surround sound.

  6. Well, you chose a classic to watch out in the barn. I loved that HBO series. I loved the intro music. 'Woke up this morning....'
    Happy hump day!

  7. Donkey chin whiskers! Adorable!!!!

  8. I would watch Tony in a barn (if I had one), in a box, with a fox. I'd watch Tony anywhere. I loved that guy...

  9. An American in Tokyo7/2/14, 6:12 PM

    Have you ever shown them a video of donkeys braying or a horse neighing?!
    I wonder how they would react?! I would love to see their reactions!!

  10. Just to let you know - your glowing reports of binge-watching Breaking Bad have consequences.

    When the Netflix envelope arrives - it's a countdown until I watch every episode I have, no matter how late into the night they take me.

    That show is like crack. I'm holding right now as a matter of fact. Good thing there's a hurricane coming so I'll have a more relaxed schedule for a few days to accommodate my habit. Praying the power stays on...

  11. Well now I need to get some of those socks to go with my shoes which are still going strong after their 2nd year.
    Love wifi! And now you can let the herd Skype with their play date buddies in VA :-)

  12. I think Alan would also like "Breaking Bad."