Thursday, June 12, 2014

The iconic yucca

Yuccas are in full bloom across the state of New Mexico. It is the official state flower, after all.

Peanut-shaped green fruit is now forming on some of the earlier blooming yuccas.
In a month or so, the fruit will dry out and form seed pods.

 Horses, donkeys, cows and antelope seem to love the taste of yucca year round. 

Nearly all the yuccas in the pasture have been deflowered by the hungry herds,
but the protected front yard is a yucca wonderland...

 ...only because Wynonna and the chickens are too short to reach the buds.

 Nothing says New Mexico landscape like the iconic yucca.

When the welder was building my gate back in '05, he asked me if there was any particular design he should use. 
I didn't have anything special in mind and suggested he do whatever he thought would look best. 
He put a yucca right there in the middle of the 7MSN.


  1. Beautiful shots, Carson. You know, I've never noticed the yucca in the 7MSN on the gate before! I love it.

  2. Beautiful yuccas, beautiful gate design.

  3. your gate is just magnificent with that sunset or sunrise behind it.. i love the gate, he did really great choosig for you. those yuccas are something i would love to see growing. so beautiful.

  4. So interesting to see such a different landscape and flowers! And the look on Lucy's face (as always). ;)

  5. And their pollinator is specific for the plant...the yucca moth. Look inside the flowers, they're little white guys. Sweet interactions.

  6. And they are yummy!

  7. The only thing blooming around here are a few saguaros, everything else is brown and crunchy. The mesquite are loaded with pods this year. Do you have them there and if you do, do the donkeys like them?

  8. An American in Tokyo6/12/14, 5:58 PM

    I love that last photo! So, so beautiful!