Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday encore ~ Like Peas in a Pod

I've written several times about yucca, most notably here, when Lyle was doing his best to deflower the landscape. It's been a banner year for yucca at the 7MSN. Each plant sprouted more flower stalks than usual. It's nice to see that something thrives in a drought. 
Anyway, yucca-blooming season ended in early July. The flowers fell off, to be replaced by green fruit, 
which now have dried up and turned into large peanut-shaped pods full of big black seeds.

The herd was gathered around a patch of yucca in the corral last night when I went to remove fly masks. 
Hank and Alan were munching on the dried-up seed pods while Lucy closely observed.

Lucy: What do they know that I don't?

Lucy: Is it really ok to eat these things?

Me: Alan and George seem to be enjoying them.

George: I'm not going to get high from eating these, am I?

Lucy: *sniff sniff* Yucca breath. Hmm...not as strong as those juniper berries you eat.

Lucy: Maybe I should try one of these... bad could they be?

Besides, what's the worst that could happen?

I think this is how you do it...

Aw, geez. Thanks for warning me about the seeds, you knuckleheads.

Not bad. A little on the dry side, yet palatable. The fiber is probably good for me.

I think I'll have another.

I hope you're not laughing at my expense.


  1. I am laughing, but with you sweetie. and these photos are truly fantastic, some of your very best...

  2. Such great expressions on these guys. Beautiful sky. Fab pics.

    Best always,

  3. Miss Lucy has that stately giraffe thing goin' on in a couple of those wonderful shots. Love it!

  4. great capture of the seeds flying and Lucy with her eyes closed.

  5. Lucy seemed concerned she might get "high" from eating the yucca. Has she gotten high on anything else before? Not that its my business or anything. . .


  6. Alan, you are a yucca breath knucklehead!

  7. Oh, what a hoot! And Lucy, wincing over the explosion of yucca seeds .. priceless.

    (I'm loving those pods .. may have to see if I can find a few around my area.)

    Makes me wonder what other plants your herd would like .. sunflowers, maybe?

    It's been so steamy here in NC that I'm going to try out your "Frosty Paws" recipe for my pups .. I suspect they'll like it as much as Smooch does.


  8. Really fabulous photography! and the subject matter is wildly wonderful too. From a big fan,