Friday, June 13, 2014

Lucy, George and Alan go to the beach

Lucy, George and Alan took a long nap in the sun yesterday.

It looked to me like they were spending a lazy afternoon at the shore.
George has that "beached whale" look about him.

 Lucy: Could you bring me a frosty beverage, please?

George finally woke up...

 ...and tried to convince Alan to go for a swim.

 Alan: I've got sand stuck in places I never knew I had.

 Alan: Hey, Lucy. Wake up and roll over.

Alan: You need to even out your tan.


  1. can't stop grinning.. love those umbrellas... and all that dusty shaking going on

  2. It's a holiday every day at the 7MSN for the animals at least. Hope you enjoy some beach time this weekend too, Carson.
    BA SP

  3. I love these pictures. You are very clever.


  4. Oh ya! LOVE the beach scene. You rule 'donkeydom' down there Carson!

  5. Shall I send you some shells and seaweed from our island beach to complete the scene? Love the picture with the umbrellas - a great laugh to start my day!

  6. so funny and cute! thanks. the beach scene suits them quite well! for once, no dispute, the three of them together

  7. It must be "watermelon time". Have a great weekend.

  8. Lucy looks a little hung over, and they all look like they've been up all night partying. Isn't it a full moon?

  9. OMG, you're killing me! Perhaps you should have rolled out your own beach towel and joined them? Oh well, maybe next time. ;-)

  10. An American in Tokyo6/15/14, 6:03 PM

    Do they do that often? I'm always surprised when I see one of the horses at our riding club laying out in the middle of summer, when it's blazing hot and humid!!

    I love that you drew in the umbrellas and beach towels, too! hee hee!