Saturday, June 7, 2014

Saturday encore ~ Wynonna takes a shower

The post below was originally published on June 12, 2013. 


It's been kind of warm here lately. I haven't decided if I worry more about my animals in the extreme heat or the extreme cold. 
All I know is that when it hit 103 yesterday, I wanted to bring everybody into the air-conditioned house.

When it gets this hot, Wynonna tips over her water bowl hourly to make herself a mud puddle,
then she plops down in it to cool off.

Gone are the days when she would take a dip in her little swimming tub. With her advancing age, 
she is well aware of the fact that once she gets in, she may not be able to climb back out. 
Besides, the chickens drink out of it now and she doesn't want their cooties. 

Even a roll in the mud couldn't help her yesterday, and I couldn't bear to see her suffering. 
I had to provide her some relief from the heat.
In years past I've tried to play misty with her, but she wouldn't have it. 
She would scream and carry on as only a pig can whenever I turned the hose on her.

Apparently 103 degrees is the tipping point at which she will stop screaming to relax and enjoy it.

Wynonna: Stop laughing. I just washed my hair and can't do a thing with it.


  1. adorable.. even with the hair dooooo

  2. Hey, think of the chickens! Who wants that in your water fountain?

  3. does Wynonna like to be brushed?

  4. No, she pretty much hates being brushed or touched in general.