Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rub-a-dub-dub, Wynonna in the tub

It was a hot and steamy August afternoon. Wynonna awoke from her afternoon nap to take a quick dip in her tub and cool off. 
 I know...I know...she could probably use a bigger tub, but I don't think she can swim and I wouldn't want her to drown.

Could I have a little privacy here?

She lays down in the dirt and rocks back and forth to coat herself. (Sort of like breading a pork chop before you fry it.) 
 Lyle has watched this spectacle many times before but still can't figure it out.

Neither can Willie.

Don't you just love the bathtub ring?

My towel, please?


  1. That's one cute pig you've got there, don't know how much she would appreciate the pork chop crack though. I'm picturing Wynona in a bathing cap and bikini,for her privacy, what do you think.

  2. OMG, Wynonna just has way too much personality. I'm totally smitten with her.

    I wonder how she'd enjoy a sprinkler or a mudbath?

    The bathing cap and bikini idea is way too good - she may not appreciate the humour in it, although if anyone could carry it off with dignity, she could.

  3. I love the tub size to pig size ratio! Wynnona doesn't seem to mind *grin*.

  4. She's so cute! She certainly enjoyed that bath and roll in the dust.


  5. What a precious piece of pork! Thanks for the smile.

  6. What a funny girl she is! She looks as though she thinks you're funny because of the pork chop comment. I swear it looks like she's grinning.

  7. Wynonna has the cutest bath tub ring I've ever seen :)

  8. Thank you Linda!!! My kids have been giggling about this post ALL day!

    Wynonna is too cute. I just want to reach in and give her a kiss...right between her all of those wrinkles...well maybe I would settle for the top of her head :)

    She looks mighty proud of herself doesn't she? I can just hear her "little" grunts and!

  9. Awwwww! LOL animals are so entertaining aren't they! Could watch them all day.

  10. This is too funny. My friend got his black lab a kid's pool and she loves it. Maybe the piggy would like that as well. I doubt if she could get over the side, but you could always build her a ramp.

  11. Arlene, you've given me a great Photoshop idea...look out.

    Carolynn, Wynonna only enjoys water when she decides she wants to be wet - I've tried misting her with the hose from far away, and she runs screaming and yelling into her pigloo.

    Melanie, I had the wrong camera with me when Wynonna decided to take her bath - this fancy schmancy new one doesn't do video, darn it. But I'm not giving up - I still want to do a pig bath video for your kids.

    Tee, I've tried the kiddie pool but it's too darned much work. First I have to dig a hole big enough to bury most of it, so she can step down into it. And then it's impossible to clean. She's asked for a hot tub with water jets, but it's just not in the budget.

  12. That pig is the most hilarious looking creature I have seen. She is my dream pet....great little shots.