Sunday, June 8, 2014

Down the trail with Lucy

I love it when Lucy and I meet a herd of cows on one of our rides. 
Despite my love of bones, it's much more fun seeing cows alive than in their skeletal form.

 There are lots and lots of baby cows out and about this year. We love baby cows
(as long as they're not ducking under our fence and wreaking havoc). 
This group seemed as relaxed as could be as we rode up to them,
but we were concerned about one of their herdmates off to the side.

Lucy: I hope he's not dead. Next thing you know, you'll have me dragging home his bones.

 Lucky for all of us, he woke up.

He acted as if he'd never seen a donkey before. 

Lucy: Shall I bray and scar him for life?

Little One couldn't handle the pressure and walked off to find his mom.

Lucy seems to have a general affinity for cows, 
which might explain why they insist on coming over to visit.
More on that tomorrow.


  1. i love love love cows, of course i love DONKEYS MORE... those babies are so adorable.. my favorite shot today is the last one of The Ears...

  2. It looks like a great day for a ride. Beautiful sky.

    BA SP

  3. I'm surprised you could get so close. Usually there is a designated 'babysitter' cow that watches the little ones.

  4. very well done: the narrow trail between Lucy's ears! and how nice, this collective baby cows mud pool!

  5. Love the rides with Lucy. So wonderful she is with all of you. Beautiful place to be.

  6. Lucy is such a gentle lady, can't wait to see what happens. :)