Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday encore ~ Catch and release

Something very strange is happening this year and I probably shouldn't say it out loud, but I haven't had to relocate one single snake. 
So this post is from June 2013, for those of you who may be missing my serpentine adventures.


It was Wednesday evening, just after 8:00. I'd been waiting for the temperature to cool down 
so that I could do an important errand. I buckled up Smooch in the Ranger and off we went on our mission.

Smooch: Where are we going?

Me: You'll see. 

I hated it when my parents said that to me when we went out for a drive, and here I am doing the same damn thing. Shame on me.

Smooch: Are we going for ice cream? Please tell me we're going for ice cream. I love ice cream.

Sadly for Smooch, our errand did not involve ice cream. We were on our way to release a very large bull snake
who had taken up residence in the back yard. After three failed attempts in the past week, 
I'd finally lassoed him. He'd been in the snake box since lunchtime and was anxious to get out.

Smooch: Are we there yet?

Me: Almost. Sit back and enjoy the scenery. 

We drove a few miles away from the ranch to release this guy. I didn't want him coming back.
I'm sure he was helping Johnny CashCat keep the rodent population down, but he was also becoming a nuisance. 

He looks so small all coiled up in the corner. You'll get a better idea of how big he is
once I kick over the snake box and he slithers out.

Me: Come on, snake. Start slithering. I don't have all night.

Follow Smooch's gaze and you'll see the snake as he finally moseys on down the road.

We waited for him to get safely across...not like there's any traffic to worry about, but still....

He climbed up the other side of the bank and went on his merry way.

Smooch never took her eyes off him until he was gone for good.

I took one more picture and called it a night. 
We never stopped for ice cream, but Smooch got to share a cup of yogurt with me when we got home.
This is what passes for summertime fun in the middle of nowhere ... and I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Oddly, I like bull snakes. Part of my past where I made odd to insane choices involved dating a man who kept all manner of reptiles. I can say that I learned a lot about them tho. How many rattlesnakes have you encountered in NM? Hopefully, not as many encounters as you've had with bull snakes. I recently found your blog and am really enjoying it. Thanks for brightening my mornings with your photos and conversations.

    1. Kim, the bullsnakes far outnumber the rattlesnakes, but the rattlesnake stories are far more memorable.

  2. Just got back to Idaho after a long visit to your state. I loved the awesome colors of the hills and the sky. I loved the wildness of the juniper and cedar hills. Loved the cool dry evening air. Did I mention that BLUE! Snakes have their place and you treat your slithery neighbors well. Not everybody has a snake box, Still, snake neighbors have a habit of appearing in random spots to surprise and they help themselves to more than rodents. Good on you and Smooch for that catch and release.

  3. altough snakes freak me out I must reckon that his little eye looks candid and he has marvelous designs/colours that suit the environment

  4. I wonder if all your rains last Fall had anything to do with the curious lack of snakes?
    You know you're going to find one tomorrow because we've talked about it, don't you? :)

  5. Sorry but I don't like spiders or snakes. They give me the hibby jibbies. I'm like The Other Carla now that you've talked about it you'll find one.
    Have a great 4th of July