Thursday, June 5, 2014

Do chickens have ears?

Mrs. Hughes has picked up half of Edith's bad habit of escaping from the coop
if I do not appear the moment she wakes up for breakfast. 
She flies to the top of the fence but hasn't figured out how to fly down to the ground.

Me: Let me help you, darlin'.

Me: Don't look down your nose at me. You got yourself into this mess. 
I'm just trying to help you out of it.

Me: Don't you dare poop on my arm.

Mrs. Hughes is not the prettiest of chickens. Please don't tell her I said that.
I think she'll grow into her looks once her comb develops.

Lucy: She needs bigger ears.

Lucy's comment begs the question, do chickens even have ears? How do they hear? I honestly don't know.

Lucy continued her study of Mrs. Hughes' anatomy...

until Mrs. Hughes got tired of being goosed and found the courage to fly to the ground.


  1. Chickens do have ears....the are the little circular patch of feathers on each side of their head....

  2. She has nice eyes and a pretty color.

  3. An American inTokyo6/5/14, 4:51 AM

    Of course she has ears!
    Blow very gently on the side of her head and you can find a hole, otherwise known as an ear, underneath the feathers! : )

  4. Yes, they do. Why else would the rooster make all that noise ;-)
    It's a round hole, straight into the skull (quite big!), just underneath the ear feathers.

  5. My comment is about the Arm Roosting. If my chickens had ever tried to roost on my arm like that, I would have needed stitches! Did you get a scratch? You could have quite a show if you trained them to jump on your arm for treats!

  6. It is teeth that they don't have. She has figured out how to get the limelight. Not too shabby.

  7. Thanks for the lesson on "The Anatomy of a Chicken". I thought they had ears but never really checked it out.
    I've been educated for the day. I like to learn something new every day.
    BA SP

  8. Lucy looks so pleased and contented in these pictures.


  9. I LOL'd at " goosed" such cool pictures! I didn't know you were a chicken whisper :-)

  10. Aracaunas have big tufted looking ears :-).

  11. Isn't the internet wonderful? And aren't you glad you don't have neighbors to see you gently blowing in your chicken's ear?

  12. How did everybody else know chickens have ears when we didn't? I didn't know until one of my hens, Helen, was stumbling like she was dizzy and someone advised that I look in her ear to see if there was something in it. Really? I picked her up and searched her head and couldn't find an ear. I had to put her down and watch a video showing how to look under that little flap of feathers behind her eye, which I always thought was just a cheek decoration. Almost as surprising as finding out chicks have belly buttons!

  13. And you can usually determine what color eggs a hen will lay based upon the color of her ear lobes, or lack of lobes thereof.

  14. LOL Mrs Hughes was goosed by Lucy. Love it I love Mrs Hughes colors.
    Okay now chicks have belly buttons? I'm learning all kinds of things here.